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ACE Seeds Ace Mix

8 months ago
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Week 16
12 hrs
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DonLemon DonLemon
8 months ago
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DonLemon week 15 started grow question 9 months ago
Can anyone explain the white tips? I couldn't take good picture of them but I haven't seen them on other pictures.
Techniques. Defoliation
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Cbalderson60 answered grow question 9 months ago
That is your led grow light bleaching the top of bud back off immediately. Or it will be worse. Always check your led manufacturer recommendation for hanging distance very important. And don't exceed the max. If ur at Max back off to the min for flowering stage.
Philindicus answered grow question 9 months ago
Two possibilities one you have light bleaching the tips of your buds or choice 2 you have pure trichome over trichome density on the tips of your buds

The plant produces trichomes to protect itself from damage from the sun. Look at it with a 40x led lighted jewelers loupe ( You'll have to decide which it is when you fire up the tip of that bud.:ok_hand:
souljasam answered grow question 9 months ago
I had the same exact thing happen when I had my high-end LEDs a little too close to one of my plants. It was literally the light bleaching the chlorophyll from the bud/leaves. This is bad news as bleached buds have significantly lower thc content and it causes stress to the plant. Back off the light from your plants by at least 6 inches and see if it continues. If it does then just back off more. It takes a bit of trial and error to find a proper height for your lights. You can always try to go by manufacturer recommendations, but I've noticed you can usually get a little close than that. If you want to just be safe it might be a good idea to back off to the manufacturers recommended height.
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