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Malawi x Panama

Current price 12.71€
Avg. lowest price 8.33€
Avg. price per 1 seed 11.08€
Based on 251 prices
Avg. highest price 13.82€
Gender Feminised
Genes S
Genetics Old Malawi Killer x Panama Goddess
Harvest Average-High
Flowering 10-12 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year Previously Released

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DreamCatcher Apprentice
Malawi x Panama
Growing it
Malawi X Panama red by ACE seeds.
A strain i was waiting to come back in stock for almost a year (must be seasonal and in high demand since its always OOS)

It is one of the hardiest cannabis plants imo, after such an extreeme stress training and mainlining, my "little" mutant has reached its end of life.

Even though it hasnt dried properly yet and hasnt cured at all, the little buds i steam dried in the microwave gave me jitters. DEFINITELY day smoke. I would also avoid using this strain if you have something troubling you that you cant deal with right that second. The sativa effects are so strong that the anxiety is there and you cannot escape it. It is literally like being high on mild psychedelics (more like riding towards the peak that never comes) Made me very restless trying to juggle a few tasks at the same time, forgetting half of them as i went along. I always heard people saying that they cannot deal with sativas because of the anxieties that it induces and i never understood what they mean when they say these things but i can safely say i CAN now. Its not that you are anxious like a bad trip but more like things troubling you and you end up overthinking about them.

Growing this monster was the easiest and one of the most interesting things ive done in my life. The reaction to this high stress training was unbelievably insane, you could chop anything at any point in time without any serious reprecussions and the time needed to come back from topping and defoliation was minimal, making it an even shorter veg duration. The branches were covered in buds. Not only the "main" colas (in "" because there was no main colas, mainlining and ScrOG should have them all fighting for dominance) but also the laterals and even the bilaterals were completely covered in buds. I found buds growing at grid level, with minimal light or wind reaching them and they have become monsters, YES very tiny little ones but packed with so much power. They were the ones i was vaping on before the chop and even after the chop and i gotta say i am a bit scared of how the end product will feel like.

Well, for smell i have to say one thing. NO. It is the most awful thing ive ever smelled and mind you, ive smelled carrion flowers before. The stench closely resembles cat piss left alone to dry, not in a good way though. Unlike Dr.Grinspoon which had nice hints of lemon and aniseed, this one is JUST cat piss in a meadow. Day 2 of drying in the tent and the room stinks so much we cannot go in it. I cannot come up with words to describe this smell, closest i can think of is fresh cut hay with a hint of flower but forgotten in a barn.

I cannot comment on that just yet as i am in the process of drying and straight after that im gonna be curing it for a few weeks. With steam drying the buds in the microwave i am essentially getting rid of anything water soluble, basically all flavonoids and terpenes. Only the canabinoid oils are left on the dry plant matter since they do not disolve in water. So for taste, ill wait another few weeks before updating this entry :D


MUCH higher yield than Grinspoon and the time invested into growing this one was not an absolute waste. I am estimating about 6 ounces of dry bud (looking at how small the buds came out of the microwave it only makes sense) in a 1.4x1.4x2 tent with only a 308w LED grow light.
If you like sativas, this is worth a shot. If youre a first time grower, youre in for a treat.

Thank you ACE SEEDS for the amazing opportunity :D My time doing this has come to and end for the forseeable future.

Whilst being sad about not being able to delve into another grow, i am very excited about what life holds for me and my wife in the coming few months ^_^
2 years ago
1Right_Angle GrandMaster
Malawi x Panama
Growing it
Mar 14th
WOW, this is simply an amazing smoke, and it completely takes you to a different place. And I mean it in a good way. Really High WITHOUT being obviously Stoned, how does that sound... The smell is more of a Fuel smell than a Diesel stench, and the taste is mouth-watering & smooth !! One obvious impact is that there are no heavy eyes and no dry mouth; the Smoke is easy and deliscious with No anxiety or any stressful feelings. This bud will clear senses with an alertness, initiative and a funny little grin that has left me simply amazed. High without feeling Stoned, yes I have said that already... but it’s a different curve than the others. Cannot wait for the buds to mature and cure over the next couple months. Looking forward to seeing an outside version, but these plants have been my most successful grow to date.
After a few weeks, the buds have taken on a firmness that leaves me confident that I grew a reasonable batch of this legendary strain. And I'm going to do it again. That is for sure.

This is a luxury strain, and does it ever get noticed when people have tasted it... Solid experience in growing these Sisters, what a beautiful plant.

Just for clarification, this strain is the Panama x Malawi strain (Panama Goddess x New Malawi Killer); NOT the original Malawi x Panama. I cannot get Ace seeds to update their strains... yet. With a few more to add; Green Mountain Grape etc
2 years ago

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