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Golden Tiger


Golden Tiger is one of the most powerful and interesting sativa hybrids we have developed lately. It's a straight hybrid derived from the 'killer' Malawi mother and a selected Meo Thai male. Meo Thai is an exceptional highland Thai selected by Cannabiogen. In this hybrid, we have combined the 2 most potent and resinous landrace sativas we have ever worked with. The result is a plant with a great vegetative strength, remarkable for its overpowering potency and its exceptional floral traits. The flower bunches flare over forming dense buds with small leaves. The trichomes are big, plentiful and loaded with powerful cannabinoids. FLOWERING End of October / November. STRUCTURE Elegant sativa of thin leaves and medium internodes. BOUQUET Sweet and citric, somewhere between ripe mandarin and ripe lemon, with notes of wood and spices. Oily background. HIGH Overpowering psychedelic sativa effect, dense, stimulating and very long lasting. It may be devastating for beginners. Recommended only for the harder and most experienced sativa smokers. GROWING TIPS Although this sativa shows all its potential in tropical/subtropical climates, it has also been grown with very good results even in latitudes 43ºN. For indoor growing for small columnar plants or SOG, start straight from clones to 12/12 just a couple of days after the rooting. This sativa is adequate for SCROG, horizontal or network growing due to its excellent yield in the lateral branches and its vigorous reaction to pruning. Golden Tiger is an excellent alternative to the haze sativas. It will fascinate the most demanding growers, looking for new sativa experiences of the highest order.

Gender Feminised
Genes I
Genetics Malawi x Meo Thai
Harvest high
Flowering 11-14 weeks
Release Year Previously Released


1 oz
Avg. Dry Weight
1 oz
Harvest Weight

Tastes & Effects

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Dry eyes
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Golden Tiger
Growing it
This weed is too heady but very kind at the same time,I have a big love for sativas...But it can be intimidating for indica lovers.Feels like I am running inside non stop.Every puff increases the tempo and heart bpm.Definitely on Thai side. Brings positive feeling as I go deeper in it.Later on I get in a happy tired mood which is satisfying. It doesn't put a pressure on your head,knows how to make you high.Highly enjoyable fast high.

This sh!t doesn't make me hungry,not a single piece. First in years I've got a weed that doesn't create hunger.Great weed for pain issues.No sudden blood pressure changes.Brilliant cannabinoid balance in it.
No red eyes for me as always but I feel very dry around eyes.
Zero body high.Vision is clean with 1 joint but comedown is foggy.I'm on my second one,I'm having hard times seeing what I'm writing.Still energetic but it's like driving fast in fog.
Sativa is a life style.

Nothing special tastewise. Smells rotten mandarines,tastes like nothing.Not bad just very neutral.I can't say citrus for it.Resin maybe.Maybe some pepper or liquorice...but nothing significant to me.

Definitely an activity smoke for most occasions.
Cure adds to the high.
Excellent medicinal properties.Landrace experience.

Fully recommended landrace.
1 month ago

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