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CrokuDodu Apprentice
Growing it
It's surely a great strain but I was not able to give her the correct treatment. A lot of deficiency appeared along the grow, first time trying coco + 100% organic was not easy for me and the yield and quality were clearly affected.

None the less :

- Still gave 120g of bud
- Great taste and smell : berry/tropical/flowery/sweet syrup, hint of citrus here and there and it's only 2 week of curing.
- Effect : mainly head high, not as active and euphoric as I was expecting but it still pretty cheers you up for the first 2 hours and then you feel relaxed and you can sleep well.
- Was very resistant to my bad treatments.

I can only imagine that with a great grow this strain would be insanely great.
1 year ago
Growing it
Right after first hit,yes only first hit,I feel electric in my veins,going up to my head,pressing on sides,making my eyes smaller,giving infinite energy and happiness.Wow,Congo is real fire! Buds smell incredibly berry/grapes and tropical with flowery details just like Ace Seeds talk about.I grew some other strains including "berry" in their name,none of them smelled berry.But this one is true berries,trust me.Calyxes are purple with a lot of trichomes on them which make it catchier.
It doesn't give me insomnia but it's definitely a day time smoke,because you need to enjoy it's happiness.Ladies and gentleman,this is not exaggerating,I FUCKING LOVE THIS STRAIN!
High is CLEAN,ENERGETIC AND POSITIVE.Taste is INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS,you get that tropical wild berries & grapes taste every time you hit the joint.Bullet-like buds are pretty compact for a sativa.

If you love exotic,beautiful looking,tasteful strains ; CONGO is exactly what you are searching for.It's powerful but clean,delicious but not regular and SATIVA BUT PURPLE !!!

Ace Seeds definitely created a masterpiece for marijuana industry.There is a little bit of Pakistan Chitral Kush in it as they say to keep the height and flowering period shorter.I think arome and colors are coming from that Chitral Kush.

But you know what? Congolese people know what they are doing :sunglasses: You can't get your ass up while getting chased by a lion on that wild lands,if you smoke indica .This smoke is really energetic and clean,no lions can get you when you are on it :)))
Beautiful,beautiful and beautiful.Masterpiece.Ace Seeds,thank you for making Congo.I think I'll only grow this one in my further grows.I'm a sativa guy .This is more original,better than any other hybrids and so called sativas on market.Congo has absolutely everything I want from a sativa.

Connoisseurs,this one is for you.Grow Congo or find some in your area.You won't regret,trust me :)
2 years ago