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Pure Sativa With Happy High Coming From The Jungles Of Guatemala. Seeds collected from an indigenous village in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle. This is the Central American landrace from which we have developed our Tikal hybrid. The Guatemala is a pure, stable and vigorous sativa with a good potential for adaptation to moderate latitudes. It is related to some old Mexican varieties sharing with them some characteristics: strongly branched plants, happy effect, good yield, moderate flowering time and a low hermaphroditism rate. It can be grown indoors without problems, but we recommend intense light intensity in order to obtain the best results. Outdoors it can be grown at latitudes up to 43ºN in a warm coastal autumn climate. In mountain or continental climates, it can ripen at latitudes up to 30ºN. The Guatemala is an excellent breeding tool to create your own crosses for moderate latitudes, when it is crossed with both: long flowering sativas or indica plants. Flowering: November

Gender Regular
Genes I
Harvest High
Flowering 11-13 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Release Year Previously Released




TikalGuatemala Kush Haze

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