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Nepal Jam


The Nepalese sativa is a strong and compact highland sativa with fast flowering and excellent resistance against mold and cold weather. Its dense and resinous flowers, with a very good calyx-flower ratio, produce first class hash. The Nepalese was pollinated with the Jamaican’85 line to add vigor, yield, bluish colors and the classic positive Jamaican effect to the final hybrid, whilst maintaining the original Nepalese sativa behavior. Nepal Jam has been stabilized during several generations and it has been bred in all types of climates, including northern countries such as England, France and Holland. FLOWERING OUTDOORS: END OF SEPTEMBER/ EARLY OCTOBER YIELD / M2: HIGH RESISTANCE AGAINST SPIDER MITES: MEDIA RESISTANCE AGAINST MILDEW: HIGH RESISTANCE AGAINST BOTRYTIS: HIGH RESISTANCE AGAINST COLD: AVERAGE - HIGH STRUCTURE Small-medium structure with columnar growth. BOUQUET Seductive sweet and caramelized aroma with hints of honey. HIGH Powerful and complex mental effect that leaves you happy and floating on air for several hours. GROWING TIPS Indoors/outdoor growing for cold climates as well as for warm climates. This sativa is very appropriate for indoor growing or for discrete outdoor growing on terraces.

Gender Regular
Genes I
Genetics Nepalese x Jamaican '85. F6 stabilized hybrid
Harvest high
Flowering 9 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Release Year Previously Released


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