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What’s even better than the smell of coffee in the morning? How about the sweet chocolatey and decadent aroma of Chocolope. It’s like a mocha coffee in a bud, full of flavor and energy. With 2 strong sativa parent strains, Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, Chocolope will give you the boost you need. Chocolope can grow very tall which is typical of sativa strains. This could make it difficult to grow indoors if you are short on space. You can also use training methods to grow this tall strain with limited space. It is prone to mold so it is important to pay attention to this if the climate is very wet or humid. Chocolope likes getting nutrients but will show it quickly if it’s had too much. With bright orange pistils and long fluffy buds, this strain may be the perfect sativa for you.
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Genes10% Indica / 90% Sativa
GeneticsChocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze
Harvest550 - 900 g/m²
Flowering49 - 63 days
THC16 - 20%
Room TypeIndoor
Room TypeOutdoor
Room TypeGreenhouse
Release Year2019

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Growing it
AMS - Chocolope Day 86 from seed breaking soil . Was hoping her to strech more, but she stayed very compact. Most probably a week too early for chop, but leaves were downgrading fast, so in a way right on time. Pure water grow, had a top up of BioBizz Worm Castings at begining of flower, around 1 cm lair and few times added BioSys and Great white. She stinky smells, strange even, comes slowly, but then hangs long. Smallest plant in this run, wet weight WITH ONE MISSED wire is 485 ;))) will update after curing ...
10 months ago
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