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Junior Mints


The infamous “Animal Cookies” aka 09 Cookies was one of the original cookie clones to hit the scene. A bit of a better yielder than the Forum cut with a spear shaped bud rather than more club shape. When dialed in, she can be an decent yielder of extremely dense purple spears and clumps that ring true to the now-classic doughy OG mint funk cookies are known for. Expect an increased yield from the face off side while taming some of the Cookies lankiness with a little more lateral branching. Flavors are just like the name puts off, minty chocolate doughy funky goodness, all the time.


Gender Regular
Genes mI
Genetics โ€œThin Mintโ€ Cookies x Face Off BX1
Flowering 67 โ€“ 72 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year: Previously Released

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