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Malawi Faced

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The Malawi x (95’ NL5xHaze) was the first breeding project I was involved in. The result was an extremely hazy metallic potent sea salt sized trichome encrusted Sativa stunner. If you ever liked the Colorado Cough, this is a MAJOR upgrade over the cough. Sativa lovers rejoice on this seldom seen original hybrid. Today’s markets just don’t have the demand or economy for beautiful Sativas that it once did a decade ago. I preserve and make these varieties, really, for the Home Grower, as most commercial operations won’t touch anything that flowers for more than 9 weeks. Sad, but true. Those that do, will be rewarded with some absolutely electric old school sativa that will put your inexperienced “I only smoke OG” friends in absolute whirlwind daze. They won’t know what hit them, but you’ll all be laughing at how “high” they can actually get on a real heritage African sativa.

Gender Regular
Genes mI
Genetics (Malawi x NL/Haze) x Face OFF
Flowering 72-80 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year Previously Released

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