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Plum Wine

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Stringent jelly belly blueberry pop tart terps and that undeniable kush funk. This stuff REEKS in such a good way. One of my oldest growing friends absolutely loves this herb, and he has grown and consumed everything cultivated by Archive for the last decade or more. It’s that good. Taking the best characteristics of the Colorado FLO, but fixing all the problems. The FLO’s leafy low resin coverage is fixed, the exact goal of this project. Increased resin coverage, LOUD blueberry incensed funk, and the low calyx to leaf ratio of the Dosidos line makes the Plum Wine an absolute pleasure to cultivate and consume.

Gender Regular
Genes mI
Genetics Colorado FLO x Dosidos
Flowering 70 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Room Type Greenhouse
Release Year Previously Released


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