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Polynesian Thin Mints

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An interestingly dank and really chocolate-y thin mint cookie flavoured GSC clone came my way at the 2013 San Francisco Cannabis Cup. A Samoan friend of mine dropped 4 little baby clones off with me and told me to safe guard them for him. Gladly, I’ve kept the cut alive and mixed her up a little, always sure to give him back a clone whenever he needed it. These Polynesian Thin Mints, named in his honor, throw beautiful purple hued buds with exuberant orange hairs. Dense Chocoloate cocoa butter cookie dough funk emanates from the greasy stick resin glands on some of the most unique looking plants in our catalog. The dessert terps for all the chocolate lovers out there!

Gender Regular
Genes SI
Genetics “Polynesian” Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG Bx1
Flowering 9 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year Previously Released

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