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Schrom x Memory Loss

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Schrom x Memory Loss is a polyhybrid whose genetic composition is (Romulan x Colombian 74) x (Amnesia x Face Off OG) and was developed by Archive Seeds to create a variety with vigorous growth, generous harvests and a unique, tangy, floral and organic terpene profile. 
Schrom is a clone-only variety, derived from a cross between the classic North American strain Romulan and a landrace line from Colombia. This hybrid gave birth to a vigorous strain with a very complex terpene profile, combining citric and diesel notes against a sweet and floral background. The Schrom is also characterised by its exuberant flowers, formed of large fleshy calyxes.

For this project, Schrom was crossed with a male of Archive Seeds’ Memory Loss, a devastating hybrid combining the power and aroma of Amnesia with the Face Off OG, for an Indica-Sativa hybrid of explosive growth, with flowers that are loaded with resin and terpenes.

Schrom x Memory Loss grows with strength and vigour, showing a fairly marked stretch during the transition to flowering. Depending on the preferences of the grower, it can be harvested between 60-70 days of flowering, giving a more electric high at 60 days, but offering a higher yield with an extra week, thanks to its large calyxes compacting dramatically during the last days.

Its acidic aroma, with floral notes on an OG background is accompanied by a strong and long lasting effect.

Gender Regular
Genes SI
Genetics Schrom x Memory Loss
Flowering 65 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year Previously Released

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