Winner of Multiple Cannabis Cups, the True OG clone is one of the best in the biz. Originally popularized by Elemental Wellness in San Jose, her legendary status is well deserved, delivering potent tasty kerosene lemon dipped pine fuel forrest nuggets every time. A bit of finicky plant, but with a less stretchy stature than other OG’s, she’s a perfect match for our similarly well statured Face Off line. Mixing the lemon and lime, gas and under funk of both lines makes a perfect combination for lovers of the low end deep exotic OG flavours. If you’re seeking that tongue smacking long lasting after-flavour with that classic OG Kush Knockout stone, this is the hybrid to fill your garden with.

True Face
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Genes0% Indica / 100% Sativa
GeneticsTrue OG x Face Off OG bx1
Room TypeIndoor
Room TypeOutdoor
Room TypeGreenhouse
Release Year2010


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