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Very nice growing strain to grow, it grows big and lush, but then again also takes some weeks to flower. Will update on taste and effects as soon as the bud is done drying.
2 weeks ago
Nebula420 Master
Laughing Buddha
Growing it
In the beginning I want to say many thanks to Barney's Farm
Since 1986, in conditions when 95% of the world’s countries cannabis is not legal, people collected unique genetics from all over world, and created unique amazing strains. Thank u Barney’s Farm.:kissing_heart:

I am a sativa fan. It’s a pleasure to grow Laughing Buddha, very easy to grow.
Laughing Buddha have a amazing smell and taste, fresh lemon lime smell, and smell of tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, very tasty.

Smoke: I think Laughing Buddha will be my favorite, Buddha is suitable for smoking at any time of the day, great sativa without any side effects like paranoia.When smoke a smile appears immediately on your face, feeling of happiness and creativity, this is a nice medical strain, nice for depression and stress.Laughing Buddha suitable for watching movies, and spending time with friends, as well as great for meditation too. I give 10, Loved it so much.:kissing_heart:
2 months ago