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TFTC: The Laughing Martian God

Approved by Barney's Farm
2 weeks ago
LED / 150W Mars TS 1000
LED / 150W Mars TS 1000
Room Type
Grow medium
weeks 11,12,...
weeks 12,17,...
weeks 7,11
Barney's Farm - Laughing Buddha
Laughing Buddha
Barney's Farm

Growing it




Here at Jobbie studies we attempted to grow this strain for a second time, this is rare that we do that, so be honoured damn you!

For this review we are pleased to present you with a shit sandwich:

Good Point: This strain is the most typical weed strain there is, imagine most of the movies or tv shows you have ever seen with people chilling out, laughing and just feeling good when smoking weed, this is what it does, it is just the best experience.
Bad Point: Branches don't seem to beefen up very well, it can be a bit of a mess without support, this time they seemed to ripen at weird times.

Good point: Smells great, tastes great, not very difficult to grow if you were just doing standard Christmas tree, just give some branch support.

Will 100% try and get more seeds to experiment more with, think I tried a little too hard to maximise branch number where I should have tried to maximize light surface area.
Thank you Barneys, if you wish me to grow again soon let me know and send me the seeds, Love you!

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
150 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Photos & Videos
Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica

It does exactly what it says it does, good job! Not many products can really do that.

100000% works every time, honestly not an expert on feed as I have used you since day one and my pappa always told me any hole is a goal... wait, that was wrong, he said don't fry beef in an oven... no wait, it was if it ain't broke then you isn't trying hard enough. So until this stops working, I will keep using it.


This light has been amazing, my first experience with it and made me feel like a kid at the bowling ally with the bumpers up, just could not go wrong, the plant loved the light, my eyes, well I almost blinded myself a few times, it is that powerful!
Just a great light, easy to use, easy to set up, minimum heat and the plant responded very well to it.

Commented by Jobbie Jobbie

Week 21
Welcome my wonderful audience, welcome once again to my closet of cultivation for another episode of Tales from the Closet: The Laughing God of Mars, brought to you by Mars Hydro, for a pro grow go with Mars Hydro! Last week our hero Jobbie was introduced to the darkness he feared, the plant was showing signs of the end and indeed, this story only has a few episodes left, so to help us decide what to do next, let me know whether you want more stories or would you rather we go back to writing scientific reports for growing. I await your replies and if you decide to ignore this request, then may you be cursed with a terrible trip, wouldn’t curse your grow, love the plant too much. Now let us descend into the Darkness where Jobbie awaits us.
After an unknown amount of time I awoke to a snap, this was not a sound from around me, it was something in my mind that had snapped, a loss of communication to the divine, the place of happiness in my head that it would normally inhibit was now devoid of anything, it felt like a house you had known occupied with friends now lying empty with no sign of the happiness once held within.

Everything around me was pitch black, it was of a mild temperature if I was to guess, it was around 20c. I sat on the hard ground, my body ached from lying on it, it took a few minutes for me to realize my eyes would not adjust to the darkness, it is impossible to adjust to something that you cannot work in. my hands searched around me for something to indicate where I was, there they found a wet patch on the ground, and something dripping from above on to it, reaching up to find the source of this water my hand touched something hanging from the sealing, immediately I recoiled, there was a sense of familiarity to the touch, so reaching out again my hand grasped the long item that was hanging, then the back of my hand brushed another one, there were many hanging.

My hand came back sticky from investigating, lazily my mind searched for the answer my subconscious already knew, the smell is what gave it away, that sticky smell of my plant, my God, just hanging there, ripped branch from branch, dripping water used to wash it.
Horror poured through me, my mind spun and my stomach flipped; it was dead, no more laughter would be heard, it felt like I would never be happy ever again, the laughter was gone from the world, it hung dead above me. It was obvious they intended to do the same thing that they had done in New New Old Amsterdam, they would burn it in a big ceremony, likely this time without all the religious stuff as that had become less prevalent in the government's broadcasts.

So in darkness I sat, occasionally they would put food through a hatch, but this was not anything regular as far as I could tell, a few times out of boredom I counted while waiting, but with only a few attempts it came to my realization that there was no uniform to the frequency they put food through. This was a form of torture that the state used, complete deprivation of all senses and normality, it was designed to drive people mad with boredome and frustration, likely they had some sort of night vision camera watching me, the sick bastards.

The funny thing was, being in the shadows meant that I no longer feared them, it became like a blanket that hid me from the world, that now, I could relax into; with this relaxation the grieving process could begin.


(My cat decided to write something, I have kept it in)
Loss is one of the most powerful things we can endure, everyone says that Love is the most powerful emotion, but this emotion is only a powerful motivator when it forces us to do something, for the rest, it is rather emotive, it is the womb ourselves crawl into and feel safe. Loss is the opposite, it rips us out kicking and screaming, forces us into a world that is unfamiliar to us and says “swim or die”, we can often be crippled entirely by loss and just die slowly hiding from the things that scare us, the fear of losing again, but as my grief washed over me my mind began to realize that this is just another experience in life, nature giveth and nature taketh away, and she doesn't care as this is her way.

As my body and mind experienced the natural waves of grief come and go, my mind once again began to heal back stronger, instead of waiting for another wave to batter me, it was time to plunge into life and push to the other side of grief, to find out what happens when I fight my way out.

Thank you friends of the world wide weed! We have once again delved into the closet and come out the other side into another black hole, we hope you have enjoyed this harvest special, soon we will have the results of the smoke test and have the actual weight up for all to see this devilish prize! Until next time, Hail Mars Hydro the light that makes dreams grow. Good NIght!

Notes: 36 hours in Darkness before the chop, branches mostly were shaped like a wishbone so hanging was easy, did a bud wash to keep her nice and clean, loads of shit came off as per usual. She hung in the tent with no light for two weeks until branches snapped and not that bendy thing. Happy so far but I am learning a lesson about where to cut, how many branches and how to maximise light exposure. Tent conditions were 50-60% humidity and 18-20c.

Second Note: Took a week off cause my mind was in a dark place, feeling much better, sorry for the distance, it's not you, it's me! Also left my tablet at a friends which has my grow stuff on it so no fancy photos... but, having done my first computer upload... this is way easier, might have to change my platform.

Grow Questions
Jobbie week 11 started grow question 3 months ago
Sanka... are ya dead?
I noticed the leaves getting spots and the leaves yellowing then going crispy, if younlookmat the diary, sorry it is a bit on and off, for grow info scroll to the bottom of text to skip my stories. My research says either PH or Calmag, can't see any obvious pests. Please help!
Leaves. Edges burnt
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Leaves. Other
Show all Answers (2)
GrowingGrannie answered grow question 3 months ago
I don't see any info on what pH you're maintaining here... and that's most likely your problem. If the pH is off, there will be many nutes that you may be giving them but that they aren't able to get to... maintaining a pH of 6.2-6.3 is critical at this stage.... check that first!

Good luck...
Jobbie week 16 started grow question 2 months ago
Hmmm, freckles!
Noticed some top leaves getting brown freckles. Think I might have too much nutes now in soil. Thoughts?
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Show all Answers (2)
GrowingGrannie answered grow question 2 months ago
You've got the bare beginnings of a calcium - MAYBE a potassium deficiency probably caused by a little too much nitrogen since your pH is spot on. You can certainly flush if you feel the need but I don't think the problem is that bad... you might just want to give her plain water for a week instead. At this stage in the flowering, she's not needing as much nitrogen so I would remove your BioGrow entirely for at least a week a or so... at LEAST cut it in half for the rest of the grow. You don't have to cut your other nutes down and you may want to add a good PK booster, get those buds fatter and rock hard...

Looks good otherwise - good luck!
deFharo week 20

Great, you can write science stories... hehe :grin::grin::grin:


@Jobbie, Well, surrender your heart to fantasy and satisfy your reason!


Oddly enough I prefer fantasy, although sadly writing stories about burning bush has already ben done!

deFharo week 20

"My dad always told me that any hole is a goal"... I agree :yum::grin::grin::grin:


@Jobbie, well, that old man might as well be a father. The metaphor of the hole amused me, I found it sexy... go ahead! ..:golf::grin:


My dad actually never said that, it was some old guy in a small road of houses who explained their system of Friday night fun was tossing keys into a bowl.

Ju_Bps week 20

Congrat on the harvest buddy :male-farmer: :evergreen_tree: :scissors: :dash:


Thankyou friend, honestly was happy I got to this point. :fist::ok_hand:

SlowpokeFuegobud week 20

Congrats on the chop, buddy!! :green_heart: :dash: I got some Laughing Buddha here, it's great!!


Thank you friend, Laughing Buddha will be one of my all time favourites, just the perfect smoke for all occassions. :smile:

ClydeGrows week 20

A stunner :ok_hand: love your lyrical essays too, extra points for cat content :joy::heart_eyes_cat:


Thanks buddy, she has a habit of just jumping on to my lap and trying to stop me from doing any writing.
Still got smoke review to go, that will have the ending.

PremiumBudsEU week 20

Congrats on the chop mate great work!:ok_hand::sunglasses:


Thanks buddy! Already have plans for the next stories. :sweat_smile:

Green_fiend week 20

Enjoy brother :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Anonymous_2022 week 20

Congrats on the harvest bro :ok_hand: now the hard work pays off :sunglasses::100::dash:

HappyWeeds week 20

But how have I not seen this harvest before! My sincere congratulations my friend, you have done a great job here and I hope you enjoy your results :right-facing_fist::left-facing_fist::green_heart::gem::hibiscus:

Nice ending to the story, maybe even left a bit open for a second part? :sunglasses::wink::smirk:

I vote for the storytelling option. Even short stories, I can tell you enjoy writing and I think it would be a waste of potential to stop. There are already plenty of science diaries here. Just my opinion :raised_hands::pray:

My cat (though I don't have one) has read the words of yours and agrees with your point of view. Loss brings us hard and intense feelings and emotions. He too experienced a great loss just recently. He is now learning a bit about stoic philosophy to cope with that grief. Stoicism talks about detachment and how this tool can help us maintain calm and a state of emotional stability and happiness. Of course he doesn't think it is something that can be learned overnight or the best remedy for everyone. But he is now somewhat philosophical and believes that stoicism can help with these things :spock-hand::alien:

Enjoy the fruits of your plant in good health my friend. Can't wait to see the next one! :sunglasses::four_leaf_clover::rocket:


@Jobbie,We will be waiting to see what you have for us :spock-hand::alien:


I am still to add the smoke review, that is the second part lol. Got my new seeds in and will be making some diaries up about them soon. :alien:

Thank you for the congrats, means a lot, so far the smoke has been a little different from the last time but still really good!

SirSalami week 20

Glad you're feelin' better! Great stuff. Best of luck with drying her!