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JKT48 Apprentice
Heavenly Hashplant Regular Seeds
Growing it
Smoke is good. This is a classic weed smell, although not too pungent.

Effect I felt is definitely more towards a body high; couchlock and sleepy. Oh, and I do notice this one has a bit more of that lung expanding sensation compared to other strains I've grown. It's really fast acting too. Effect is felt within 2 minutes.
1 year ago
Fullmeltalchemist Apprentice
Dread Bread
Growing it
A real pleasure to grow this for the first time, I've already popped more seeds to look for a keeper pheno. These plants were leggy charmers, came out very similar, though one has more banana bread terp. Great golf ball nugs and ideal internodal length for having a sativa leaning variety indoors. Very unique citrus/bananabread/clean terp profile. Dense blocky buds, extra resinous. An up-and-about strain for sure. Sunshine in a bag. Very conscious, clear, pleasant high. The rosin I have pressed from some of the larf is scrumptious lol. Going up in my favorites list and can't wait to flower again. I stumbled and fell on these during their first week of flower, fracturing both trunks... They nannered a bit but really didn't hiccup too much, kept right on chuggin and really produced. Like I said, hunting a keeper of this atm because I like it so much.
2 years ago