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Blue Moonshine is an indica dominant hybrid and the ย "Blue" version of the "White" family. It is based on the Blueberry F3 hybrid.ย 

The plant develops short and chunky structure with dense, tight, rock hard buds and has a strong concentration of tall standing trichomes.

Blue Moonshine is a very powerful blueberry Indica with a very narcotic body high. It is also a true "hash plant".


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Blueberry F3
Flowering 8 weeks

Tastes & Effects



Blue Kronic Killa Queen Blue Moonshine Black Kat
Blueberry Indica Blueberry Blue Moonshine
Bubbashine Bubba Kush Blue Moonshine
The OX Bubba Kush Bubba Kush Blue Moonshine
White Moonshine The White Blue Moonshine
Blush IBL Berlin Blue Moonshine Berlin Blue Moonshine
Purple Mexican Thai Blue Moonshine Flo Acapulco Gold Cinderella 99

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