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True Blueberry is based on the original word famous Blueberry genetics. This is an indica dominant hybrid that provides the best from both worlds (indica and sativa). 

The plant develops a medium sized structure, long buds with medium sized calyxes. It is a very productive plant and high resin production. The harvest comes in 7-8 weeks and brings above average yields.

The dry product produces sweet fruity flavors with bluberry notes. It is excellent choice for real gourmets.


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Blueberry F6,7
Harvest Above average
Flowering 7-8 weeks

Tastes & Effects



Chocolope Musk Chocolope True Blueberry
Blueberry Sativa True Blueberry Blueberry
Chocolate Berry Cocoa Kush True Blueberry
True Blue Timewarp Timewarp True Blueberry
Lady Berry Kush "True Blueberry Afghan/Skunk Herijuana SFV OG Kush Cinderella 99"

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