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Blue Velvet is a well balanced indica/sativa named for her lush appearance. The strain is also known as Blueberry Thai because its heritage.

The plant develops not tall structure with minimal foliage and long branches, it has red leaves and large, striped calyxes. The strain is ideal for SOG. It grows up tall outdoors and produces up to 300gr/plant of dried buds.

The smoke brings a very pleasant aroma of fruites and flowers and an uplifting and euphoric high. The effect is both cerebral and physical. It will be ideal to spend time with friends and for creative solitary ventures.


Gender Regular
Genes indica/sativa
Genetics Floral Line F
Flowering 8 weeks

Tastes & Effects



RTD Bubba Kush Cinderella 99 Blue Velvet Ski Train
Velvet Kush OG Kush Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet Cindy Blue Velvet Cinderella 99

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