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Grapekrush is a very productive hybrid with fast flowering and high quality yields.

The plant can demonstrate partial or full leaf deformities but at the same time it develops a good structure and large calyxes. The harvest comes after only 7-9 weeks and brings fragrant buds.

The smoke offers a strong, long-lasting effect that is both cerebral and physical. It provides a soft body relaxing high and brings feeling of euphoris. The aroma and taste is sweet and fruity with a distinct grape notes.


Gender Regular
Genes indica/sativa
Harvest Above average
Flowering 7 - 9 weeks

Tastes & Effects



3xPurple Grape Ape Purple Urkel Grapekrush
Electric Grape Punch Purple Urkel Grapekrush
Grape Krush F3 Grapekrush Grapekrush
Purple Pantera Pink Panther Grapekrush
Purple Pineapple Bomb Pineapple Thai Grapekrush
Grape Head Grapekrush Sweet Mendo Kush
Space Crush Space Queen Grapekrush
Grape Funk Grapekrush Skunk #1
Angel's Flight Lucky Bubble Grapekrush Blue Dream

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