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Stinkfox Apprentice
Growing it
I grew this hoping it would be like the C99 I had gotten in a shop. It’s EXACTLY the same. Sweet taste of pineapple and grapefruit. After a week of curing, it smells wonderful. It’s mostly sativa, so it wakes me up, but it is not an energetic high. It has a slow, dream like quality to it. Inhibitions go right out the window. It is visually and creatively stimulating. I find myself dancing randomly.
Growing her was a breeze. Topped and scrogged. She never slowed down. She was a mutant, growing 4 nodes out of the topped 5th. She got heavy in the last few weeks, and needed a lot of branch support. I harvested at day 63, to let her bulk up, but trichomes we’re all milky at 56. Make sure you’ve got a carbon filter, as she was strong smelling.
I’ll be growing again. This is my favorite sativa.
3 months ago