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Ganjagrandaddy Apprentice
wow. What a suprising finish to this whole strain race. The Purple has not come out at all and doesnt show any signs of appearing from the cure either. i think having slightly higher daytime ( lights off) temps than when lights were on , may be the reason ? .
The smoke is not harsh and very floral tasting. can feel her Indica genetics when smoking her too. Her growth was amazing and she was by far the biggest and most dominant of the strains. yield was good too for her at just over 6oz (179g)
her node lengths were very far apart but the tops are solid.
dried , she smells very skunky if not a slightly ak47 scent to her.
7 months ago
Ganjagrandaddy Apprentice
Viva Sativa
As a replacement for a preferred order ( afghan cow) , to grow has been no issue at all. took well to L.S.T and did not skip a beat throughout the grow. did well under scrog and the stretch was helpful and not our of hand. her buds are very compact and solid once dried properly. she smells very strongly of old school skunk too. a solo crop under a scrog would be give great yields if threaded correctly too. doing her as part of a multi strain has not done her justice i feel. All in all i still have 5 beans of her sisters left but the swing between phenos could also create a Multi-strain canopy like issue. The first harvested lady had very different structure to her two sisters. a lot shorter and more bushy. all variables the same but diff pheno i think.
7 months ago