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Discover the infinite wisdom and truth. Above and Beyond is a blessed cross between our fearless Grape Stomper BX2, Cousin, and the otherworldly Alien OG mother. Two dabplants join in harmony to produce tomorrow's future resin makers. The possibility for a healing and lifting experience is just around the corner.

These limited seeds were made for the pheno hunter who is seeking fat balls of sugar. The tall crystals glaze every phenotype like ice. We hope the engaging and creative highs from both these parents will translate to some very effective meditation and medication.

Ascend above and beyond. New realms of consciousness await.


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Alien OG x Grape Stomper BX2
Harvest 500 - 550 gr/m2
Flowering 8-9 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor

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