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Burgundy, the first of the PRIVATE COLLECTION series, has proven itself to be a champion on our Gage Green lineup. The Raspberry Bubba is one of the most exciting Bubba Kush cuts that has been grown in our labs. The Raspberry Bubba can be described as a fruity and colorful variation with a light pink to purple color, more flavor, and more character than the original.

We have crossed it with a new male that we are introducing to our lineup. The East Coast Sour Diesel x HP13, two strains with all-star lineages, has shown all the signs of a potent and strong male and our tests have shown its consistency in passing down those traits. This stud is a combination of two remarkably flavorful genetics that also pack a punch.


Gender Regular
Genes indica/sativa
Genetics Bubba Kush Raspberry Bubba x {HP13 x ECSD Probably}
Flowering 9 weeks

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