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Our journey brings us to a tropical cannabis paradise. Walking through the thick forests of mango colas brings out terpene sensations of tropical fruits and kush. Look no further to find a perfect combination of sativa and indica personalities in each phenotype. The Mango, a true indica at heart, provides patients with a soothing and peaceful high, giving the body and mind an opportunity to relax and enjoy life. The Joseph OG's uplifting mental beat harmonizes with Mango, giving the Mango Puff a balanced effect.

The Mango has very phenomenal yields, growing bushy and creating lots of large chunky colas. Her frost and smell make her a classic hashplant with all the characteristics of a breeding champion. Phenomenal smells and flavors can be found in all these dabplants and we expect to discover phenotypes that exceed the mother in frost and potency.

Give your body the release it needs with this amazing treat. Her smooth smoke and pain relief properties provide some very applicable effects for patients looking for a well-rounded high with good medicinal parentage. Simply relax and feel the aromatic energies permeate your body and rest assured that healing is here.


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Unknown Strain Mango x Joseph
Flowering 6-8 weeks

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