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Every individual is a Precious Child in our eyes. By loving others as we love ourselves, we express the unconditional love that trumps all evil. Let this Precious Child be a reminder of our inner child.

The Cherry Puff โ€˜Alanaโ€™ was selected as the mother in this project. When we combined the cherry and camphor flavors of the Cherry Puff with the candy and fruit flavors of the Grape Stomper OG, we discovered a world of untold wonders. Every plant displays a unique variation on the grape and diesel profiles. Experience flavors from sweet wine grapes to jasmine.

Each puff of the Precious Child brings us back to our childhood days. The classic flavors resonate with each puff. This cross will bring back memories.


Gender Regular
Genes indica/sativa
Genetics Cherry Puff Alana x Grape Stomper OG
Harvest High
Flowering 8-9 weeks

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