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Channel+ is a well-balanced indica/sativa hybrid with enormous aroma and fast flowering. The famous Big Bud and Skunk were crossed to create it. The result plant contains 505 indica and 50% sativa genetics.

The plant develops a sativa structure with many leaves, stretches a lot during blooming but keeps a compact indica shape. The strain is suitable for each grower and each growing system. It is ย ideal mother plant for cloning. ย 

The harvest time comes after 7-8 flowering weeks or in late September. The average crop can reach to 600gr/m2 indoors and to 1kg/plant outdoors where the plant grows up to 3m tall.ย 

The smoke brings unique mix of flavors and both a mental and physical high. Channel+ is a good medicine for chronic pains, injuries and other diseases.




Gender Feminised
Genes Indica / Sativa
Genetics BigBud x Skunk
Harvest indoor 600 gr/m2, outdoor 1 kg+
Flowering 6 - 7 weeks
THC high
CBD high

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