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Created and in-bred in the Dutch underground scene in the early 90's lemon skunk was refined by carefully back-crossing successive generations that displayed the strongest and tastiest Citrus lemon flavours, lemon Skunk has taken a brace of awards and they are well deserved. The lemony aroma from this marijuana strain when it is in flower is clearly noticeable, but it kicks into overdrive in flowering, making it unsuitable for stealth grows. Lemon Skunk is a hardy and pest resistant strain that also puts on impressive bulk and packs a hefty punch with 18% THC.

The plant is ideal for both indoor and outdoor setups but caution is advised as this strain can put on some serious mass, with the buds becoming heavy and dense. Despite staying relatively short for a photoperiod strain, the Lemon Skunk Feminized yield is impressive. Indoors you can expect 500g/m2+, whilst outdoors you're looking at 1-2kg per plant making it an excellent commercial strain. Lemon Skunk feminized is also a hardy strain, dealing well with pests and diseases. The plant is seriously citrusy both in smell and taste. The intense lemon flavors are followed by mild skunky undertones making it an exceptional smoke. The high is a complex one, starting off active and psychedelic, closely followed by a strong couch-lock indica buzz. A great taste we're sure you'll love.




Gender Feminised
Genes indica
Harvest 300-400 g/m2
Flowering 8-10 weeks

Tastes & Effects


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