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J0sefCZ Newbie
Royal Cheese Automatic
Growing it
She growed up small, so yields were equal. But she saved me when I really needed something to smoke :)
3 weeks ago
dandaru Apprentice
Royal Cheese Automatic
She was very unproblematic no real Problems while growing her.
I did alot of mistakes bending too much while doing lst, using too small pots and id let her dry too much a few times. I think I can be happy about the outcome.
She produced a few seeds :(

Tastes alot like haze and diesel and a little cheesy.

Drying her atm inside a cardbox with A 120mm pc fan (inside my growbox) 32°C 40%.
2 months ago
biggreens420 GrandMaster
Royal Cheese Automatic
Growing it
This girl is wicked nice smooth smoke still in cure but iv tried a few joints and so far she's the best tasting auto iv grown and strength to match she hasn't got the pine wood taste that other autos do don't know if that's due to being grown organic or what she tastes a bit cheesy but not the cheese I'm use to she actually tastes a little hazey but really nice covered in trichs buds are solid like rocks nice and compact very happy with her...haze taste has gone with cure and is very cheesy and nutty
Smoke 8/10
Taste 8/10
Density 10/10
Trichs 8/10
Growth 10/10
5 months ago