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Lowryder #2 was the second in the long line of successful auto-flowering strains introduced to the world by The Joint Doctor following on the heels of the Original Lowryder #1 strain. Lowryder 2 improved the potency, flavour and yield of the original auto strain whilst remaining 100% automatic, i.e. not requiring a reduction in hours of light in order to promote the flowering phase. Superior genetics from the Brazilian Santa Maria strain were added to contribute increased potential for resin production, an exotic flavour and a special, soaring sativa high.

Lowryder #2 was created by the legendary breeder The Joint Doctor, responsible for creating the very first commercially available auto-flowering strain - Lowryder. He has been working on auto-flowering genetics longer than any breeder and his famous strains are all offered now through Seedsman Seeds.

Therapeutically this strain has been found to be beneficial to sufferers of ADD and ADHD.




Gender Feminised
Genetics Santa Maria x Lowryder
Flowering 9 weeks

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