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White Widow is a classic marijuana strain. Aptly named for it's bright white trichomes, white widow is "frosty" or "crystally" in appearance.
White Widow is a classic marijuana strain. Aptly named for it's bright white trichomes, white widow is "frosty" or "crystally" in appearance. This potent strain is a beautiful representation of the indica-dominant hybrid originating from quality cannabis breeding in Amsterdam. White Widow originated by crossing a "Brazilian sativa land-race" with a "resin-heavy south Indian indica". This is the mastery of cannabis breeding and genetics in the direction of potency, not flavor. These two genetic traits, landrace sativa, and heavy-resin indica were chosen primarily for their abilities to get a user "high". For this reason, White Widow is without a doubt one of the most successful commercialized cannabis strains on the market. Buy White Widow seeds from Seedsman today and experience the very best in strain potency and cultivation efficiency.

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White Widow
15 weeks
White Widow Wicked_Stix
White Widow
87 comments · 3 years ago
Current price 10.06€
Avg. lowest price 8.33€
Avg. price per 1 seed 11.08€
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Avg. highest price 13.82€
Gender Feminised
Genes SI
Genetics Indian/Brazilian
Harvest 800 g/m²
Flowering 8 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Room Type Greenhouse
Release Year Previously Released


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Avg. Dry Weight
21 oz
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White Widow
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White Widow
Growing it
6 days ago
maelxich Apprentice
White Widow
Growing it
Definitely stinks something awful. Always did. But has a lemony earthy under tone. Definitely more bowl stuff versus joint in my opinion. The trichomes are INSANE.
1 week ago
White Widow
Growing it
Humidity hit high 70’s for a few days mid flower and ended up with a few hermied buds on bottom. Frost is all you could ask for. Definitely growing again.
2 months ago
Ctpadge803 Apprentice
White Widow
I removed the plant and took it far away from anything related to my grows indoor or outdoor. The pots that contained those plants I had to discard of because I didn't want to take any chance of getting the disease on any other currently growing plant or future plants unfortunately in my area of the USA the entire summer is 90 degrees plus everyday and 79 plus at night with 80% or better humidity. Afternoon thunderstorms are almost 2 to 3 days a week allowing disease to run rampant. It's so much better just to stay indoor for me considering the outdoor conditions and the ability indoor gives me to pay attention to the grow itself.
3 months ago
L3pr3ch4un Master
White Widow
Growing it
Awesome Genetics, the plant was always vigorous and happy to grow as much as she can, really good ramification with a lot of branches, perfectly suitable for LST.

Level of feeding supported: Is high i would say.

Flavour/Therpens: The plant was stinking at the end of flowering, with the classical marijuana/skunky smell, really spicy in the smell and smoke, but with touches of fresh mint and tropical, but the Spicy is much more predominant, it washes your mouth, really good and weird flavour.

Potency: Most potent strain i have ever grown. Eyes turn into deep red hahaha, your mouth wants more water and the high is very cerebral, but also relaxing (not classical indica stone). I experienced really accelerated thinking process, and it even caused me some paranoia in big doses because of that when smoked first times ( i dont have to smoke too much, it is a potent strain for sure) xD. But it is a really enjoyable stone, relaxed but still thinking ^^.

Disease resistance: My plant got oidium at the end but as it came from other plants around cant make a conclusion. Only can say it only affected leaves so not a big deal at the end.
6 months ago

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