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Mega Power Plant
Growing it
Amazing, amazing, amazing...
Strong smoke, very very sweet, absolutely will be better after some curing coz i see that my pineapple gets better every day.
No hay/amonium/grassy smell to any of my plants, they all got their own specific smell and aroma. I give all nutrients best grades and for the seedbank of course. Amazing job we all did here.
So far she is the heaviest of them all weighing totally 124 grams dry (114 + previously harvested and dried 10). Unfortunately i can only find one pic where i weighed 4 grams, second pic with 6 i cant find but i dont have to lie anyways..
Heavy dense nugs, frosty as MF, tasty, smelly, adorable, even the fact that i found some seeds in all my plants but most of them in lowest buds of Snow White, i dont think about lowering the grade anywhere from straight 10.
1 year ago