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The Bulldog Seeds #66


Darkmanx Apprentice
Auto Blueberry 420
Growing it
Easy grow. No real issues other than inexperience. She had a late growth a few weeks into flower which pretty much made the ScroG a non factor in the grow. Next grow is already planned out and I can't wait. Right now though I have a cabinet full of beautiful colas drying in 70F 50%rh. The smell is very faint until you break open the buds and then the wonderful terps share their scents.

I'm contemplating growing this again so I can get it right but at this point I'm undecided. I guess I'll make the decision once it's cured and I can test the smoke.

The haul was much more than I expected. I'll get a final weight after drying is complete. 2 bags of trim for edibles and concentrates then some beautiful buds for the vape. All in all I'm content.
2 months ago
PigBearMan Master
Sour Diesel
Growing it
I grew two different phenos.

The first was a bit more compact and didn't turned out as good as the second pheno.

The 2nd was way better, even if the first one looked better when it comes to a nice beautiful bud.

The first pheno had Botrytis while the other one was resistant.

Very tasty weed that deserves it's name.:ok_hand:
5 months ago