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Black Widow Hydro Grow by ILGM.COM

3 weeks ago
Room Type
Expanded Clay
Grow medium
Mineral Wool
Grow medium
weeks 3,4,...
week 4
ILGM - Black Widow Fem
Black Widow Fem

Growing it




Being that she's a sativa dom, I learned she likes to grow tall, HUGE even, if left untrained. I would recommend using a scrog net just because towards the end of flower her buds tend to weigh her down. I noticed I had to use several wires to help prop up the branches. As far as training goes, she seems to favor super cropping more than topping and definitely start tying down branches early in veg, the earlier the better. Be careful not to allow humidy to climb above 60% otherwise that when you run into issues with her. The first run ended badly because I kept my temps and humidity too high. So before the mother died (which I started from seed), I took this clone so I can reattempt this cultivar. She was definitely worth the redo and the long wait (mind you been waiting since the mother plant to try this stuff) lol

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
240 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Photos & Videos
Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica

OK so first and foremost, it's a great long as it is working for ya. I had to switch to the TSW 2000 By Mars Hydro mid flower because it stopped working on me. Now, when the light works, the plants love it. But I have suspicions that it never fully cuts off during lights out (didn't check on that myself but after research and reading tons of reviews, that was also a common issue). One of my autos I harvested before the light died developed seeds on me which is what prompted the research.. the light also runs extremely hot regardless of dimming abilities.. the dimmer also needs to be improved.. there's hardly any difference between 50% and 100% you really only notice a significant difference in lighting below 50% and once you pass above 90% this is why say there's no difference between 50-100% on the dimmer. The overall product deserves 2 stars only because there's so much to be improved on this version.. but the company on the other hand deserves a negative 5 stars for how poorly they do customer service requests. The company itself is difficult to deal with. The warranty is good for 3 years and 1 month... so they say. But they make it not worth dealing with them to get a replacement light should yours stop working. They demand 5-star reviews from you and want proof you left them reviews before they send you your product. The whole getting a replacement process was stressful. They demanded video proof that the light stopped, then claimed they couldn't not see any attachments I had sent them. They never sent me any shipping information, tho it was promised as well as requested. Instead, they demand more reviews and just kept beating around the bush about when to expect the replacement. They also never sent any proof that it shipped or any sort of confirmation besides an email stating it was sent to me.. this is poor business practice. How is it that I ordered the Mars Hydro light the next day and still got that light before my replacement light with Phlizon?! When the light finally got there, again no invoice, no paperwork or documents associated.. just repackaged and sent another light with the same Amazon accessories the first time I purchased it.. a said the replacement light would be a newer model and bigger than the last light... that was a lie because clearly, they sent me the same exact light. Then,, they demanded another video review to "show" how awesome the new light is and to give them more 5 star reviews. All this is to say, I will not be doing business with them again... I left them an honest review. Bump that! I won't lie for companies.. periodt.


There were a few light leaks along the zipper but not so much that it caused my plants to herm or anything

Commented by Bubble_Budz Bubble_Budz

Oh man I'm writing notes before I even get to finish trimming her up! Thats how dank she is! Where do I even begin... she's definitely the show stopper from this season! Packs a mean punch and I mean home girl will surely knock you into next Tuesday! She's very potent with strong terps of pinene and lemonine. On the exhale, she's running a full tank of gas :fuelpump: :upside_down_face: I love how she smells and tastes even better! Mind you, all this sampling is done before any curing was completed. I'm excited for the final weight and cured product :sunglasses::dash::herb::fire::fire::fire::fire:
So far I've trimmed about 1oz of it, still got a little more than half the plant to do

Drying Time:
The goal was a 14 day dry time however, I'm still battling high temps. The lowest I was able to maintain was 72⁰F. The harvest took about 6 days to dry. Like I said I'm still in the middle of trimming her up so I'll hit you guys with the update on final weights. Just wanted to share this harvest with my growmies.
As always folks, remember to stay highly dedicated and highly medicated :sunglasses: happy growing :fire:

miahbdanky week 9

Simply Beautiful!:+1::facepunch:


@miahbdanky, thank you :blush: :pray::skin-tone-5: bless..

JamMAKEcan week 9