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First Grow-FastBuds/GreenCrack/MicroGrow

3 months ago
Room Type
Grow medium
Coco Coir
Grow medium
Directly In Substrate
Germination Method
weeks 14,11,...
week 2
weeks 8,3,...
weeks 9,7,...
FastBuds - Green Crack Auto
Green Crack Auto

Growing it




The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
95 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
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Grow Room
Grow Room size
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ounce /plant
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100% Sativa
0% Indica

Positive effects


Anything that helped me be successful with the grow is something I need to applaud. I only give 4 stars because I only have one full grow under my belt. No comparison basis.


I'm very happy that the blog I was following that recommended the way I grew my plant included HLG as a strong part of their recommendation. My grow never exceeded 100W. And though I have nothing to compare against from personal experience, others on this site who do remarked what a strong grow it was for its circumstances. So if this was a great grow, that means HLG makes great lights.


Very well designed tent. Versatile. Has port openings for any idea you may have. It opens 180 degrees on one side, which makes it a pretty good tent for scrogging, which is highly recommended for yielding in a tent this small.

Commented by TinyTenter TinyTenter

Drying Period:
Day 0) I'll have more to say in a couple of weeks about the harvest once I weigh, I guess?

But for now, I don't see why i shouldn't diary the dry and cure too. Why not? So...

I set the temp/humidity sensor cord for the AC Infinity T4 inline fan through the middle of the plant and out through the bottom so that the sensor is one inch below the canopy of (upside down) buds. I figure you should measure the air going in through the bottom, not in the middle (too humid) or above (also too humid) where the air goes out. I could be wrong tho. Now it's just a game of figuring out what numbers work on my AC and/or dehumidifier and/or humidifier(s) in order to create a good and stable environment in there. I got room to play, but I'm gonna let her be a little humid today, I think, then try to stabilize her around 50-60% because the tent will likely run around 70-75, so a higher humidity is better for VPD. Right? I dunno. Just don't want rot.

Day 2) She's been staying mostly at 75 degrees in there, til my bed time, when it gets down to 71-73. So she's on the hot side of acceptable. To counterbalance I'm keeping humidity high at 55-60%. The source of humidity inside the tent is mostly the plant, so the rh readings will give indication how wet the plant still is. I suppose once she gets to the point that I feel I need to SUPPLY humidity to the tent, we are prolly getting close to jarring this girl. My fan is set to 20% of maximum. which for a 200 CFM setup in a 12 cf tent, means she's getting a little more than 3x air replacement per minute - should be good enough. I put foil tape over the zippers in order to block light and have control over the stream of air inside the tent. I want air 95% coming from the flaps at the bottom so that the air flows up through the plant and out. I'm concerned about mold pockets developing in the corners of the tent cuz there are no other fans in there. I hope 3x air replacement is enough.We'll find out. (A 1st grow should be part lab experiment, right?)

I'm gonna get in there later at the 48 hour mark to flip the plant around 180 degrees. I hope I don't see a weird nightmare in there. I haven't set eyes on her in two days. Wow. After being obsessed with her for 99 days. Feeling a little parental. Need to stop that. The cat is starting to really get jealous. :joy_cat: LOL

Have a great grow day!

Day 2 Later:) Been watching drying, trimming and curing videos on YouTube. I'm leaning towards a drier trim obviously. But I don't know if I should interrupt the dry to trim a bit. Or if I should cut her up in branches and rehang. You see all kinds of recommendations. I'm leaning towards just letting her dry whole plant and then trim and then jar. It's a little hot in there. Air is getting drier and more fall-like round here every day.

If the goal is letting her dry longer, and my temps/RH are OK, then let her keep going that way. I've come to understand that leaves fall off in a dry trim if they truly are dry, so... I'm just spinning her 180 degrees every two days because the exhaust port of the tent and the inlets at the bottom aren't symmetrical. So I don't want certain air patterns burning one side of the plant or freezing the other. So give her a whirl. My T4's sensor is near the center of the tent under the plant, so it should be a good average read of the environment.

Yes. I'm stressing. So close to the end. And this is when you have to be most patient. Just leave her in the dark and wait. A really long-baking cake with MUCH sweeter frosting. LOL.

Day 2 Later Later:) So I did the 180 flippy thing. She smelled like weed but grassy still. Like a skunk died in the middle of a fresh cut soccer field. Just trying to describe it. LOL.

This will get tougher in two days when I have to start knowing what I'm doing. I need to learn how to test for dryness. But this strain has pretty woody stems. I'm not sure a branch break means anything. I'll start playing with her about that in 48 hours. At that point, she's been drying for 4 days, and decisions might need to be made. Will read GWE's blog on the subject.

Day 2 Later Later) I can always thank Nebula Haze for curing my anxiety. She says a good way to test for dryness is to take a small bud in your hand and bend its stem. If it breaks off with no stringy attached, you should consider trimming and jarring soon. Cool. So I have something to follow now. Very relieved.

Day 3) I should be far less loquacious today. All that happened today was realizing the girl was too high in the tent, so I used extra S hooks to lower her to a slightly cooler position closer to the bottom of the tent. Now just waiting to spin and inspect the plant on Day 4 of drying. Have a great day!

Day 4) Checked her this morning. Buds were moving easily on their branches - no snap at all. Leaves don't look dry at all. Just wilted. Humidity levels are gradually dropping in the tent, all things being equal. So she seems to be in a 2nd level of dry now - good timing for Day 4 if you are trying to achieve a minimum 7 day dry. She's not sticky to the touch. She never was tho. When you touch her you get lots of pistils but there's a dense thickness underneath. I dare not squeeze. Will be interested to see if these buds are a bit thin tho. I won't be disappointed if they are. I'm ecstatic just about finishing the marathon. Never dreamt of winning it. The next one? We'll see.... And on that note, she sprouted this morning. A small battle. But if I ever write a diary for it, I'll tell you the story. And that's the last I'll talk about that grow in this diary too. Have a great grow day.

Day 5) She certainly looks and feels drier now.

I got a kind of psychic vibe that the plant would be ready for trimming in less than four days. Prolly only 2. The smell is definitely more dead skunk than soccer field now. Leaves look drier. Stems stiffer. Pulled on a few leaves, though, and they stayed rooted to the plant and the stems were still flexible on those leaves and small buds. So I think she's not quite ready yet. I'm going to stop doing the 180 flip thing now. It's a little rough on the plant if I also want to clip the corners of the plant to the tent poles with the trellis net. The connecting and disconnecting of the net is a big violent shake on the plant. I could disconnect the net, but then the buds would be "sticking" together. (She isn't sticky. She's hairy. Does that mean I messed this up somehow. Prolly. LOL.)

Can't believe this will all be over in just a few days. What a long, fun, educational and confidence-building journey:grin:: 1:! Have a great grow day.

Day 6: Gotta keep this short. Very busy. There's this plant that needs to be trimmed and jarred and weighed.

Talk to ya later. Have a great day! :kissing_heart:

Smoke review

The trim was long. She was surprisingly yieldingly. Came out to 4 ounces. My original expectation was 2.5 ounces given that she was in a 2 gallon pot. Fast Buds really knows how to make a plant yield. Wow. I was caught by surprise by her needing to be trimmed on that day. The trim was rushed because I was starving during that 5 hour trim. Didn't eat before. Mistake. But when you notice the plant is dry, you want to hurry to preserve her in that state right? So I trudged through. She's now in 8 mason jars with 8 grams of Boost humidity packs per jar. RH is coming overnight at 56%, which for these big fluffy airy buds is prolly right. I haven't been burping as much as I should, but she's not ammonia smelling. A bit grassy after you shake up the buds. So it's early.

Tried to vape her today. I got high off her which was cool. A first. High off my own supply.. haha.

But she was wet. Got very little vapor and she was still pretty green even though I cooked her at like 360-385 degrees in my Dynavap. I got more Sundae Driver to last like 3 weeks, so this should be a decent cure before I touch any more.

Day 5 of cure: She's still in the jars with 2 4g Boost packs. I was burping frequently, but I've changed that to only once a day from now on. She seems to be losing that pungent aroma for some reason. Humidity in the jars has reached a new record high of 57%, thanks to the packs. Took a larf nug in there and vaped it with the Dynavap. Still has trouble burning with green post-burn, so she is still wet, but vaping in front of a mirror showed me that there was SOME vapor. And since it was a larf nug (the whole plant kind of is), how much vapor could be expected? So I think she's making slow progress, while I make slow progress on my Sundae Driver. I couldn't tell if she made me high cuz I already was. :sunglasses: Thug Life.

Day 8 of Cure: Jars are staying around 55-57%. Not ready to smoke the stuff, even if it is ready. I don't like vaping multiple strains at once. I vape one strain until I finish it. Switching around confuses the effect, I think. Whatever. Anyway, what I'm saying is, they're gonna be in those jars for a couple weeks more until I try them. But honestly. looking round the internets, it looks like there are many opinions about how to cure these things - what's possible and what isn't. I'm opening once a day from now on until about a week from now, then I'll do a few times a week.

And I managed to enter the Newbie contest! Why not?

Day 12) We've reached a high point in the humidity in the jars. They reach 59% now. Daily burping will be ending soon. Bought a little nail scissor for manicuring. Also been throwing out larf buds. (I'll use them for other stuff in future grows.) You can really tell that the cure process is progressing nicely. The buds are airy, but some frost is visible still. I only kept the buds that had some consistency to them when lightly squeezed. If they went flat or fell apart, they went into the larf pile (garbage).

After going through it all, I reweighed the stash, and it came out to 115 g (4.1 ounces). So to have 4 ounces of solid yet airy bud is good. I've been vaping less recently, so it's going to be a while til these girls come out. They will have lots of time to cure.

The Dry Weigh Mistake:
I think that when I first dry weighed the plant, I didn't do it correctly. I measured by taking the weight of the jar with buds less the jar without buds, But I think the "without" number I used was too high. I realized that a few days later. So I just right now took out my notes and re-did the calculation with a better measure of the weight of a 32 oz Ball mason jar. My first calc had a jar at 461 grams, but I now realize that this is the upper end of the range for my jars. A better average measure would be 455g per jar. Measured like this you get 5.3 ounces. I reflected that above. So.. With Larf = 5.3 ounces... Without Larf = 4.1 oz.

Smoke Experience:
I'm smoking my grow now. It's a nice time. Gets you up but still relaxing. No sleepy comedown, which is the real plus. Now that I have experience growing, seems my "dispensary" has been growing for yield instead of potency (i.e. amber trichs). Cuz every "sativa" I smoked from them over the last year or so put me to bed for a nap. They kept saying it was that I smoked too much (the nerve - I'm a microdoser.) So it's nice to finally have a decently long lasting high that doesn't ruin your day or knock your sleep cycle off with a nap. The vape is a little harsh. I think it's because I went too Nitrogen heavy into flower. She has a grassy smell. Should have PK more at the end. Maybe flushed too quickly. Maybe dried too long.

Anyway, biggest question now is the "efficiency" of the grow. By efficiency I mean how long it will take me to get through this stash. Cuz that's when you know how "profitable" the grow was. For example, I would smoke about 0.75 ounces per month with good "efficient" weed. Get it? So if I go through 4 ounces in two months, it prolly means the potency of the strain was off somehow, necessitating greater amount of use per day to achieve the necessary medicinal effect wanted. In my notes, my "dispensary" grown version of Green Crack (genetics unknown) was noted as barely efficient. So we'll see.

Either way, this is a big win over "dispensary" weed.
So she was cured for about SIX weeks before I vaped her recently.

This might just be the last thing I say in this diary. I just can't imagine what else I need to diarize about this grow. So that's it. This grow (and everything associated with it) is done. The only thing left to do is open the jars once every few days and smoke the buds.
I'd just like to thank everyone and everything that helped me do this. There are so many to thank. This plant was raised by a community of people - all on the internet and me. There are so many great resources out there to help you do this. This is an amazingly rewarding hobby to have. I am grateful beyond words. Thank you, Fast Buds, for a great beginner strain. Thank you, HLG, for great lights. And thank you CoolGrows for an awesome mini-tent - which without none of this happens. I mean, do you realize this all happened in a 3 foot tall tent?

Take care. TinyTenter out. :wink:

Grow Questions
TinyTenter week 11 started grow question 4 months ago
Timing to Harvest
I thought she would need about 84 days to finish. So that would be in about a week and a half. But as compared to pictures I've seen around here, she looks like she may need more time? Right? I just don't want to start flush early. I'm growing in coco.
Other. General questions
Show all Answers (2)
Bostongirl17 answered grow question 4 months ago
I’m not sure how many weeks she’s been flowering- but from the photos she has about 3 weeks left. She’s shooting a ton of white pistols straight out, she’ll definitely pack on some weigh in the coming weeks. When I grew this is took closer to 10 weeks in flower- buy boy was she worth it!
I’m a soil grower, so not sure if growing in coco speeds things up.
I’d wait 10-14 days and then think about flushing. :seedling:
Ganjafarmer420flowers week 14

Can't wait to see the yield:yum::heart::fire:


@TinyTenter,told you over 4oz lol



4.24 ounces. Not the greatest buds, but I'll take it. lol


@Ganjafarmer420flowers, Don't get too excited. I could still F this all up. LOL.. :yum:

DJST23 week 14

Congrats on your harvest!!!


@DJST23, thank you!

Yarrum week 14

Beauty looking girl you have there !!


@Yarrum, thank u!

Stormgrown week 14

Nice job!


@Stormgrown, Thank you so much!