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Zkittlez OG Auto
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Growing it
Well this was a weird 1. 135 days nearly growing. That's a long time for an auto. And she was starting to show it. Because the roots grew through the air pot grate and started drinking from the plate on wk5-6 it was like a mini DWC and turned the plant into a monster half way through leading to lots of underdeveloped bud because I had no idea it was going to get that big so I didn't do that much LST and it was too late by the time I noticed she wasn't going to be a small plant. I'd leave the run-off and any time she was hungry she drank. 3 part Harvest in all. 420 wet well 410 and around 10-15g wet in testers before 1st harvest. Then off the 2nd harvest it was 105 wet that's a total of around 530 grams wet. The 1st harvest gave back dry 97g dry from 410-430 and the 2nd was 20g dry from 105. I havent been able to get the wet weight from the 3rd part as I hung dry the whole plant. I'm guessing it'll be around 120-150 wet so in total I'd say it'll be around 660 wet, so far for dry I've gotten around 130g from 2 harvests and testers. I'll put in the real Dry weight after I trimmed up the 3rd part of her after she's been drying after 4-7 days. Will be hung in open tent in 60%RH 21c temp. She was let rest for 24hrs and I gave 1L of water before harvest today to prolong the drying time and increase terps and draw in as much goodness to the bud as possible. Never fully trim your bud before you dry it, espically the sugar leafs as the bud draws in all sugars and increase taste and smell profile. I'd say I'll get around 150-160g dry when this last part is done. Was a lot of fun to grow, I learnt so much from these 4 grows. It's been a real fun experience nearly as good as smoking the end product, (nearly). She's a real easy plant to grow in coco needs a cal mag supplement with base nutes and a decent micro nute. And if you are growing in soil get a good enzyme. You can use a root stim in coco but as for pure enzymes they really need soil to work best in, they work and all but they do better in soil. She takes LST/HST like a champ. My plant needed to be supercropped as the colas were getting too long so I bent them over so show them to the light. Go back over my wk 15 and you'll see her full size, she got so top heavy she HST'ed 3 colas and 2 stems. Thankfully I was able to get the RH lower in time to get decent bud as she's not mad about high RH, as I seen this is my zkittkez organic which finished up 6 wks ago and went through 60+ RH right up until harvest nearly. Was ok bud and all but didn't come close to the strength to this. As it was a 3 part harvest the 1st 2 harvests have given 2 dif types of zkittlez the 1st leans more on the indica side 75/25 But the 105 g wet came out 50/50 And has a much more full bodied high. Will be good to grow again as a much more experienced grower, I'll knock it out of the park for sure. But for a 1st grow 150+g of dank bud is pretty darn good. When this last part in finished I'll put up a detailed smoke report. And what G/W I got from all 5 plants under a 100 watt in a 70x70x160 Thanks for reading. Total from all 5 plants. 354 from a 100 watt light. 3.54 G/W. Not to bad from a 70x70 space and a beginner.
The Outcome
Week 18
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Well, this is my first grow, but I can tell you these are great nutes, and if you look at my other grows you can see what they can do. It's just that the set up of the substrate hampered the grow 100%. These nutes speak for themselves when used in the right setting. PH is in the normal range of 6.2-3 with an even mix, even without the PH perfect nutes added you can tweak the PH by adjusting it slightly with nutes with different PH, only takes a little of each nute to change the PH to desired amount without having to add too much of a certain nute affecting the PPM/EC too much.
This stuff, I bought as a fall back. She is a great nute to have as a fall back if your plants fall sickly. When used solo you do need a PH- as 2ml/l sends 6.3 distilled water to a PH between 10.5-11.5 depending on your base PH. But applying it to PH nutes in a more normal range it isn't that potent in controlling the PH it falls in line with PH perfect nutes. Nothing bad to say about this product. It is on the more expensive side, but to have such a potent fixer for sickly plants is needed. She's great if you have nute lock and need to flush by just applying her it'll be enough for your plant while your plant sorts it's nute uptake out.
Wow, is all I can say. This stuff is amazing. 1ml/l will bring a PH of 8.5 down to 6.5/7 depending on the base PH before applying. It does drive normal 78ppm water up to as far as 200ppm but if you mix your nutes. Then say need to adjust PH and the PPM is say 900 when added to water with nutes already in it there is no change to the PPM. Great stuff, I'd never use any other PH-, has biobizz is a brand that works great in soil, but also works well in any sub as it's Just to control PH, and it's organic too, which is great.
What can I say, this light is amazing. I don't have any other experience with other lights but with a ppf of close to 900 and a 2.7um. It's really a top brand light and you can feel the quality in it. All accessories that come with it are of the highest quality. I'd love to be able to try a SE series or one of there new lights. Viparspectra will also be a contender if I decide to upgrade, but for what I need it for, 5 plants in a 70x70 took it like a dream and loved it, not to strong that you don't have to worry to much about big grows in small tents. As she puts off very little heat, if anything I'm going to be adding a heater to my next grow. Great light β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† for the price!! Based on 5 plants using 100 watts for 5 plants as all were grown at the same TIME. Total G/W is down below. Total 3.54 G/W from all 5 plants.
Well, one thing I can say, they didn't skimp on the building of the tent. The materials are of the highest quality and the zips alone and windows, mesh netting, poles, light fixtures, openings for lights you can fully seal up to stop any unwanted pests. I know you might be thinking I'm saying this just cause i bought it, but before buying anything I do my homework and @spiderfarmer is the best kit/light and accessories you can buy in this price range. I'd even go as far as saying there are superior to much higher cost setups. Unless i get sponsors or offers to test other setups, (yes, I'm a dreamer lol), I will more than likely stick with spider farmer lights. But I've also been looking into viparspectra(xs2000) and ACINFINTY, (for tent and intake fan) for my next set up down the road. But, for anyone wanting to get a decent kit in the mid ranged prices this brand is up there. Having a little trouble with the intake fan making a funny clicking noise but am waiting for them to get back to me with a fix or replacement intake fan. UPDATE spider farmer got back on to me the next day after I sent a video of the noise the fan is making and all they said was they weren't happy leaving me with a product that could fail, so there sending me a brand new one.....β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† kit&services
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gottagrowsometime gottagrowsometime
2 years ago
135 days 3 part harvest 1st was wk 16 430 wet= 97 dry: flowering 60+ days. 2nd part 105 wet= 20g Dry 3rd part well, I got a weight after 5 days of drying. It turned all the white hairs all amber and it actually finished off perfectly. The wet weight was a lot more than I was guessing. I got nearly 55g dry + 3 grams I've been picking up the last 2 days on bits that dried earlier as I hung it in my grow room. RH was 60% temp 21c. Had to remove nodes on the outside to allow the inner buds to dry. 40% was dry on day 3.5 rest took another 1.5 days to dry. This time I didn't over dry it. Still a nice bit of mostiure in it. I'd say the weight wait on this one was 200+ gave back 58Dry.. Was a task doing a 3 part harvest between partly flushing, restarting and then flushing and restarting and then finally I gave her a 10 day flush on flawless finish. She was dying off, showing she was coming to end of life. Really happy with the results of her, nice to get a decent amount of bud from the jars. This 1 plant will probably give more than the other 4. Smoke report to follow soon. Thanks for following, reading and commenting. Be sure to like so I can visit your diaries gottagrowsometime
Smoke review
Well, what A plant. 3 harvests in total. Wk 16 wk 18 and wk 20. Was showing signs of end of life. 130+ days. If I'd of known she'd of been that big I'd of lollipoped her to get denser buds on top. Anyways 1st harvest 410 wet into 97. 2nd harvest 105wet into 20.5. 3rd harvest unknown, guessing 200+ wet got 55 dry back, this bud was slow dried and is by far the strongest. And about 30g wet in testers from wk 15 to wk 19 got 12 back from that. When I chopped she was 95% white with 1000s of white pistils that ALL turned amber on day 3 of drying I noticed her orange hair have a look at the wk before all white then amber, just shows she was 100% done. Bud is much nicer from 3rd harvest but has more of an earthy tone than the sweet zkittlez smell which the 1st 97g has been curing about 3-4wks now and about an oz left of B grade bud was more indica 25/75 sativa/Indica. The 20g from the 2nd harvest from the 105g is gone. That bud was very nice. Leaned more on the 50/50 sativa/indica but still not reaching its peak at 23% THC. And as for this bud, hmmm hard to say without curing which I will need to do. I thought a slow dried plant would give more of a rich deep smell. But the dehumidified bud/fast air dried bud had more of a fruity, citrus taste. I'll see after I cure her. But the slow dried stuff is at least 2-3 times stronger. The 1st splif sits you on your back and drys out your mouth. Meaning more on the 20/80 sativa/indica. I feel wasted defo up there, very close to A grade only thing that it's missing from being A grade is density. For the first few mins I got a nice head high but couch lock followed by, oh no, now I gotta get up and get something to eat, then it clicked, order food, and get my partner to deal with the delivery guy 🀣. Really happy with how much bud I got of this 1 girl. Really really happy.
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Grow Questions
gottagrowsometimestarted grow question 2 years ago
Okay this might be a stupid question, bare with me, I'm new to this. So, it says ph on the sides of some bottles some are 3.5 but go all the way up to 7.8. How will this effect my set ph 6.3 ph setup I'll be using before I put the nutes in. Will I have to add ph down. Read down..
Plant. Other
Greenthumb84answered grow question 2 years ago
I check ec level before I add any nutes to get a base line then check again after adding. I wait usually 15-20min and check pH with the tester and ph down accordingly I'm running hydro and I bring mine to 5.8 and let rise and lower as needed to allow all nutes to be taken in. Hope this helps!
gottagrowsometimestarted grow question 2 years ago
Nutes question. So, my order finally came, and I have 14 AN. But my question is, though the 2 weeks of growth are over can I slip in a weeks feed of Pirana&Tarantula or will I just wait for the first 2 weeks in flower as directed by feeding chart? Will it hurt the process?
Setup. Strain - Autoflowering
Chucky324answered grow question 2 years ago
Hello Piranha & Tarantula are just friendly fungus and microbes that attach to the roots and help gather sugar for the plant. You can't hurt anything if you use it at small doses with every watering. Chuck.
gottagrowsometimestarted grow question 2 years ago
Does anyone have any questions to as why CBD HYDRO has looked like it's reached its full maturity, I know it's not going to get any bigger prob just bigger buds right? That can't all I'm gonna get is it? My others hydro looks ok, this has a full smell profile. 2nd pic okay!
Plant. Other
m0useanswered grow question 2 years ago
Some plants mature faster then others, it the luck of the draw with autos. Sometimes they veg for 3 weeks other times 7. Your cbd is faster along its track then the zkittles plant. It is not yet done though, Once buds form they will start to smell and get sticky. If you growing the same seeds and strains you will notice some strain are more smelly then others or just have different smells. That's its Phenotype expression. It looks like it will continue to thicken up and maybe grow a bit more taller but nothing crazy in term of height. Keep at it, they are looking good. Best Of Luck!

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Robeeriegeneticsweek 18
Niiiice they came out looking tasty
Spirit4i20week 0
Good luck with cultivation! that it grows beautiful πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Œ
@Spirit4i20, thanks pal. Gonna look at yours now.
LittleJohnweek 0
Good luck and happy growingπŸ˜ŽπŸ’šπŸ™πŸ»
@LittleJohn, thanks for dropping by pal.
homerjgangiaweek 0
Good luck with your grow mate!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
@homerjgangia, thanks man. At to running into a major prob. My €350 of Advanced nutritions have been lost. It also had my 4 1l 410l pots, lst gear, coco+perlite. Looking like going to have to go the organic route. Thanks for the support.
Fast_Budsweek 5
Hey! Thank you so much for running this diary, Great detail! Looking forward to your harvest! Happy Growing & Good luck!🌱
Cannabeast40week 0
Wish you best of luck and happy growing πŸ™ŒπŸ˜€
@Cannabeast40, Cheers pal. Look forward going through your diares and learning q few things.
fast_buds_jessieweek 10
Hey there! Thanks so much for running this diary, hope you enjoy the harvest 😎 Happy Harvest πŸ™Œ
@fast_buds_jessie, hey, thanks very much for dropping by.
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Good Luck! Wish you the best! πŸ’ͺπŸ™πŸ’š
@Y0ink, Thanks for the support pal. Hope yours are well too, will be dropping in on you soon to have a look.
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Buena suerte y feliz crecimiento πŸ‘Š 😎
@GangbudsGenesgdl, Thanks pal. Gonna have a look at your diary now, need all the tips I can get
Balankayaweek 0
Wow that looks damn interesting! Good luck with your cultivation friend!
@Balankaya, Thanks for the support my man. Going to look through yours now. Needing tips.
spyderweek 1
good luck with the grow....enjoy.
@gottagrowsometime, right on...πŸ‘
@spyder, thanks pal, it's been a good journey so far.
Silverback_Guerillaweek 10
It happens get an auto that behaves a little more like a photo. That Zkittlez will be beastly if you stay on track and feed her well. She's gonna take a while...but yes, she might even be a half-pounder...
@Silverback_Guerilla, yeah I'm hoping she'll be a beast and not a popcorn bonanza. Yeah she's weeks off from being done. There is sooo many bud sites all in dif stages. I was gonna strip all the underdeveloped growth but there is so much of it that I'll probably be better off doing 2 harvests. Top half and then give the rest however long it'll take. But more than likely she has another 4-5 wks left. Just a guess, but yeah we will see. Thanks for dropping by.
comunidadgreenweek 7
Mucha suerte para la fase de floraciΓ³n!
@comunidadgreen, me 2, thanks for dropping by.
Kynarethweek 4
nice job
@Kynareth, thanks pal. Gonna look thru ur now! Thanks for dropping by.
LegacyMarketFarmweek 13
Looking good man those are for sure getting nice and caked out!
zoobzoob23week 10
FullTankGardensweek 11
Awesome job bro.... I was reading your comment on your grow and seen that you thought you had pH lock in your runoff was high at like 28 or so and I just wanted to let you know if you use dry amendments in your soil your plants will only take in what they need from the soil. Whereas using liquid nutrients in your water they intake that water so the intake all those nutrients at once. if you amend your soil they take them in as needed... This is my first cannabis grow but my brother has managed three greenhouses in the past and now he has a huge grow of his own for medicinal in missouri.
@gottagrowsometime, LOL yeah I understand, don't want to waste the pots u bought... You could go and grab you some 3gal hortipots on Amazon they r great grow bags 10 pack for like 15 I think it was. Good luck man I hope it grows into a beautiful little lady
@FullTankGardens, doesn't matter if it's your first grow, if you know what to do you know what to do. And what you said makes sense. And I prob would go that route if I hadn't of bought 2 19l DWC pots lol. But will keep in future if I decide to do any more organic grows. As they are really very little maintenance. Thanks for dropping by buddy.
DutchGrownGreensweek 15
looking nice and frosty :)!
@DutchGrownGreens, oh man. I just took a tester. The pic is a few pics back and it had no hints of purple and looked nothing like them, and you can sew all the clear trichs. Had .45 cone back from 2.1 and fuck me it's so strong and is hardly done. And we still have 2 wks of flowering and hopefully she'll pack on nice l9ng trichs/resin. You can see sugar/trich balls when you look up close. It's top quality bud. Delighted, and very st9ned atm lol. Just smoked the. 45 tester a joint/b9ng and I'm waxed. Bit harsh and she had lots of clear trichs and was far from being done. Thanks for dropping by buddy!!!
Godesskatweek 9
Good luck with your grow mate!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
@Godesskat, thanks mate, nice looking grows yourself. DWC rocks can't wait to give it a bash.
Dean1week 8
Yep my other diary had the same problem they stayed short all the way through I had 4 down and they were all between 40/60cm i think I might not have stored them properly Iv had the seeds about 6 months in a bag in the shed I did have 2 down to begin with but one died it was even smaller than that one πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈIv put another 2 down to make up for the loss they have sprouted and got their first leaves and seem to be doing ok Iv not started a diary yet I’m going to see how they grow first. Thanks for the advice on re vegging I suppose I’ll have to see how much it stretches over the next few weeks good luck with the rest of your grow and hopefully it’s more than just a few Gs at the end πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
@Dean1, that's the thing about seeds they do ok for short time max 2-3 weeks out of reg temp which should be between 8-10 degrees. Does ur area reach that low in temp. But even if it does at night I'm sure it's not 24/7. Idk, some seeds strains can be weird. I gave my friend 2 Zkittlez that were left over, kept em in my bedroom and lowest temp there is 21c and he planted 2 weeks ago after 6 wks of been in my room and they only 1 germinate. And that is lookin like shes gonna be a runt but early days. Best 2 just buy new seeds they cost very little. Best of luck anyways pal.