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First ever grow & outdoors from BAGSEED

6 months ago
707 Headband Custom Breeder & Strain
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Week 22
7 hrs
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Commented by Noobfarmer Noobfarmer
6 months ago

Firstly right at the start of this week, weather isn’t warm, or sunny : ( its wet cold and miserable.

I don’t think the girls like it that much most of the plant and trees have lost their leaves and the girls have started to yellow. Making me think that harvest is

I also managed to check some trichromes finding clear and milky in the main, on the taller plant.

I think this may be the last week for gangley.

Mid-week update added some close shots decided this Friday night Gangley is coming down, buds could probably increase some more but majority of trich action isn’t looking cloudy, Pistons are brown and curled in the main, she smells stronger now too not so much dank smelling more lemons. Will be preparing to trim soon. (Loving the fact when purpled btw)
Looking forward to using trimmings lots of internet searching on harvesting next.

Dom is still less developed still having white pistons and clear trich action so I will be lleaving her alone for at least another week.

Grow Questions
Noobfarmer week 4 started grow question 11 months ago
Okay first grow pitted outdoors into compost, started some feed in week 4 as noticed yellowing if lower leaves, do my plants look healthy ?
Leaves Slow Growth
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PharmaZ answered grow question 11 months ago
Hello friend, I’m not one to come and lie to people about how things are going as I would like honest opinions myself. Things do not look fine for you. The plant is suffocating in its pot. I can tell by the shape and thickness of the stem. There is a way to save her if you would like assistance DM me. Good luck
Noobfarmer week 9 started grow question 10 months ago
I am outdoor growing and into week 9/10 my question is around when these ladies should start to flower? Should I be good just to keep them out and treat any bugs as I can? Finally as this was bag seed can anyone tell me what strain I have?
Plant Stretch (big spaces between nodes)
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Spinner answered grow question 9 months ago
Hi @Noobfarmer ! So 1st about the stain of thosecbagseeds : sorry bout' that but it is really impossible to know except if you remember the strain you found them in ( not a 707 headbang ? ). Concerning the bugs you should treat yours plants right now before they flowering stage because it is easier to treat a plant before she's budding ( you don't want to spray anything on a bud ). Concerning the flowering stage it will come soon , in outdoor the sun lights amount a day is decreasing around end of July so this phenomenon will make your lady show the fist signs of flowering during mid august ! Even if you can't know the strain you'r growing on , you can see if it is a indica dom strain or a sativa dom . I hope it will help you for the best :+1::grin::facepunch:
Noobfarmer week 18 started grow question 7 months ago
I know I am nearing the end of this journey, that started. Many months ago with some seedy weed. I also know I need to be patient, however should I partially harvest the larger plant? The smaller plant isn’t there yet as is the lower sections of the big plant, any views?
Other General Questions
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ExperimentGREEN answered grow question 7 months ago
I think if you can keep a close eye on various parts of the plant and you see different trichrome color and maturity, same with pistils, then yes, harvesting in sections is ok. However youll want to be careful of your cut sections, you dont want any debris or germs getting in there. So if you harvest 1 plant in sections try and keep the harvests fairly close together, not weeks apart. And its definitely alright harvesting 1 plant before the others are ready, all plants are different and their times are different, even with same strains. Good luck with the harvest, now the exhausting part of trimming comes. Ugh :v: