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FastBuds LSD-25

Approved by Fast Buds
6 years ago
Room Type
Grow medium
Fast Buds - LSD-25 Auto
LSD-25 Auto
Fast Buds

Growing it




The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
Grow Room
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Grow Room
Grow Room size
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20% Sativa
80% Indica

Positive effects

Smoke review

WeirdBeard week 9

The Rhino Ryder is on my list also, that and the West Coast OG.

WeirdBeard week 9

The final weight came in at 125.42g!!

As for the smoke report, here we go in real time.

Using my pax2 vaporizer on the second setting, the hit is almost berry like mixed in with some skunky diesel. Already I can feel it starting at the base of my skull creeping towards my eyes and bam with a full on head numbing sensation................... After spacing out for a few minutes I feel my body relaxed and not wanting to get out of this chair. This is going to be some great night time/ movie smoke!!! Great genetics @FastBuds, cant wait to get the Blackberry started!

love_violet week 9

Thanks so much WeirdBeard! I'm getting one of those full spectrum Morsen LED 80 watt grow lights with the red/blue/white/IR & UV, delivered by Friday. I'm feeling cautious about running big watts here so I'm hoping this highly rated 20=80 watt spotlight bulb will work with this one plant. I'll wind up with about 75-80 total actual watts that equal about 400 incandescent watts, and I'd like to keep using both led and cfl. I sure hope that's enough light for my little 2-ft x 3-ft growing space in the closet. I decided to call this plant Purilla since it's purple gorilla. She got about twenty earthworms from my garden today and I mulched her with pine needles to hold her sturdy, cause I think that four-inch stem is a bit of a stretch. I'll probably earth-up an inch or so. Day six since sprouting, and I can see the very beginnings of that second set of leaves, so there's still hope. Thanks again! :)


@love_violet,I o and post some pics for us!!


@love_violet, good thing about CFL’s is you can put the really close to the plant. Just watch for bleaching. As long as it’s not ticking her your good to go!!! That will also help stop her from stretching

love_violet week 9

I need help with my set up. 300 watts of LED brought forth a gorgeous single LSD-25 plant, indoors. I need to know, 1) how many bulbs were used to total 300 watts? Were those 300 equivalent watts or true watts? 2) Were purple grow lights used, or more like the white-light Sun Blaster? I'm growing a single purple gorilla plant with 7 smaller watt bulbs - white LED and CFL, with true wattage ranging from 6 watts LED = 50 (5) , and a couple of CFLs with true watts ranging from 12-30 = 60-100 equivalent watts, each. (In my closet with a heavy black/gold[specks of hematite] virgin clay organic soil/compost medium. I added compost, perlite, crushed egg shells, and coffee grounds. My soil is very alkaline.)

My seed sprouted and stood up within 48 hrs after planting directly in a 3-gal pot. It's been five days since it sprouted, now, and I'm looking for the second set of true leaves. I'm a bit nervous because the first set opened up two days ago. I'm concerned that maybe I don't have enough light. ... (the stem is 4" tall and sturdy, and other little sprouts that popped up have also stopped growing, California poppies and probably lupins) ... but I did notice in some You Tube diaries last night that several growers experienced a growth-pause at this point. Is this normal?

I was planning on getting a set of 4 or six 5=40 watt LED grow spotlights with red/blue/UV & IR cells after I get paid tomorrow, ( ) and use them on flexible extensions, ( ) but now I wonder if I'd do better to just buy a single higher watt bulb. I can afford to invest about $30.00. I've already got 2700 and 6500K going in LED and CFL, Should I go for the colorful growlights to add to the bunch and fill in a few missing spectrums? ( )
Or would it be better to just stick with the white lights in a particular Kelvin?
( )

Sorry for the lenghty post, This is my first grow. ...
Also, where can I get LSD-25, Jack Herer, and Green Crack seeds in CA? I poked around all day & night last weekend, and I'm still pretty confused about Fast Bud distributors for my region, even though they say they're from Los Angeles... ? Help!!! This purple gorilla seed came with some bud I got a few months ago, and I'm really glad it sprouted, but I don't know if it's male or female yet...

I'll appreciate your guidance, Thanks, love_violet


@WeirdBeard, Wow! That's a beautiful light! Thanks for that. It's on my wish list now. :)


@love_violet,The 300w where true wats and it was a single platinum led p300 grow light. I would say that it is normal to exsperiencrnaome sort of grow pause at this point, as long as the leave look good and you not over watering you should be fine at this point...I would go for more light however I would start playing with UV and shit like that until you get you medium and nutes down. As long as you have full spectrum light your girls will grow.

Finsfan week 9

I'm about to grow these same seeds. Do you suggest topping or leaving it alone?

love_violet week 9

Thanks, WeirdBeard! Purilla is coming along! Tomorrow, Thurs 4/12 will be it's 21st day after sprouting, so hopefully I'll have indications of sex soon. It's got two sets of three leaves now, and the next set is sticking up from the center. It seems to be taking about two days for each new set of leaves to unfold. I wonder when the 5/7-pointed leaves will appear?

There's an Awesome webinar finishing up on healing properties of cannabis called "The Sacred Plant". This last episode has really great info on the healing properties of terpenes and personalized treatment methods for serious illnesses (down to the genetic level of the person and the plant). Here's the link: Enjoy! It'll be up until Fri/13th at about 9:00 pm EST. If you miss it, just let me know. I was able to download it, but I just haven't uploaded it to my Google Drive yet... Peace & <3

Removed week 9

Nice colors, can't wait to see mine.

Fast_Buds week 9

Thanks, Weirdbeard! Awesome lady and nice smoke report too! Yes, LSD-25 is so special!
Very nice pictures too! We hope you'll have a great time with her!

Enjoy growing faster!

Barbara week 9

Excelent report & great shooting! Do you think the LSD-25 strain is easy to grow?

mrcrop week 9

Nice grow! The lsd-25 is one of the best locking autos i´ve ever seen and the smoke is really good, but personally, my favorite is Rhino Ryder. But i´m still waiting to try the new fast buds releases....:grimacing:

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