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First grow! Check it out!

Approved by Royal Queen Seeds
4 years ago
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Grow medium
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Week 5
20 hrs
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Commented by beer420 beer420
4 years ago

New weekly update, some questions... Thanks for reading!
The plants are doing great! Imo they seem a bit behind scheduele, the flower phase should start in a week i guess? I'm still happy, I think I'm doing fine for a first grow.
Q1: Is it good for the plants giving them fresh sun in the afternoon? My scheduele is 2 hours of led before the suns comes up, after she goes down another 8 hours (20 in total). Does it help? Or are the plants confused if you mix up the light types?
Q2: I know it's probably not done to do, but I don't have enough bloom spots and I'm in the middle of my exams so I don't have the time to search and buy some more. Is it bad to let a plant (only 1) flower with my "vegetation" lights" (Just normal leds and CLF)?
Q3: Is it necessary to crop the plants a bit? I see a lot of growers do it but I'm scaredo fluff it lol. Any tips?
Thanks for reading and answering! Happy growing!
Guys can someone please help me... 2 of my plants are starting to get wierd spots/yellow colouring. I Don't really know what is the problem because the other one with the purple badge still is doing great. The one with the blue always had the strange colours but now there getting worse. The one with the green badge is still doing fine but as you see some leaves have curled.
Can this be because of the heat of the sun theyve got the last 2 days? It is very hot. Or could it be the extra nutrients that i gave them?
The pH is around 7, maybe a bit to high but in europe I can't really find the stuff you guys are using like the ph adjusters (or calmag). Does someone have any tips or a natural solution?
Seems like the burnt plants from day 29 are recovering, the one with the blue badge is still looking poor but I think he's fine. However from the blue badge and the green one I'm not expecting big yields, but I don't want to give em up. The purple one is looking very good tho!
Any Opinions?

And btw, I have this "flowering lamp" Its and HPS type but it's old so this boi gets really hot. Does it helps for the plants to refresh them with the blower? Or doesn't is work that way? Anyway if anyone has some tips to cool the hot light, I don't know if it's possible, please comment!


Grow Questions
beer420 week 2 started grow question 5 years ago
As you see one of the plant has some strange colout changing, can someone help me to figure out where it comes from? I looked it up but it can literally be everything.
Leaves. Tips - Burnt
Lady_NugWitch answered grow question 5 years ago
Make sure you are using calmag as well... and that your water PH is in the 6.4-6.9 range.. that's a huge factor with leave changing. Good Luck!
beer420 week 4 started grow question 4 years ago
Dear reader, I have 3 plants: the one with the blue badge is looking good but the other 2 are short in my opinion. They have lots of leaves and branches but they are like 12 cm high. Is this a problem? Solution? (Lights higher maybe?) Thanks!
Leaves. Too many
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Removed answered grow question 4 years ago
That's good, they have not stretched because they receive a good amount of light and so they don't need to grow more stem. Keep in mind that what's important is that they develop nodes, leaves, side shoots, not stem. A squat plant is much better than a stretchy one, it will be easier to have a flat canopy and you will have much less risk of running out of space; LED bulbs are great for that. I invite you to visit my diaries where I'm using LED bulbs exclusively, they will give you much better results than CFL at a 25% the power draw of CFL. PRO TIP: take the plastic dome off, it will give you quite a boost in their light output.
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