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Blue Dream (ILGM) Outdoor Grow

4 days ago
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Grow medium
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Week 7
14 hrs
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Commented by Gold1 Gold1
4 days ago

Nothing much to report other than I think her pistils have stopped forming. Hopefully she is revegging. I guess we will know next week. Probably going to train her branches next week as well. Need mulch in her bed at some point as well.

Weather has gotten better and it seems like she likes it. See you next week!

Grow Questions
Gold1 week 6 started grow question 1 week ago
Accidental flower at the begging of season!
It seems my Blue Dream has flowered prematurely after transplant outside. Cutting to the chase, what should I expect from this plant for the rest of the season? Will it reveg naturally and how long will it take to reveg? Should I be cutting off budsites? What do you think.
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Setup. Outdoor
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gottagrowsometime answered grow question 1 week ago
As Ez says. Your plant was triggered by lack of light. As transplant only really shocks autos into an early flip. (Not that you should, I'm just pointing out. Stress can cause early flip, but not with a fem) overcast or you're not getting enough light for 14hrs a day min is needed to keep a fem in veg. Say a few hrs she's blocked out by the sun for say 20m, (that won't be an Issue) as Photochrome takes 2hrs in a natural outdoor environment, as it does in a tent. That's the time it takes your plant to be fully out of umol to support a photosynthesis reaction.. so you're in the wrong time. Meaning you season was started to early?. Your outdoor lighting time as I said must be a constant 14+ hrs of good light. It might be a case of it revegging itself and finishing it as the natural pace. I see you've got it in a set bed. So, my guess. Is you are early. As its only coming into the long days where I live. Late April, for some is fine. Can be started, but you need to make sure by or coming into wk 3 that you are getting enough light. Or they'll flip.
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