Ztrawberries and Mimosa Cake Autos YUM!

7 months ago
Mimosa Cake Auto
Fast Buds
Growing it
This strain is absolutely amazing to smell when it is growing. I had some operator error issues on my end and I still got a pretty decent harvest. Trimmed and dried yielded 3oz good bud and .5 oz shake/larf buds. I will definietly be growing this strain again. Fast buds has quickly become one of my favorite autoflower genetics.
The Outcome
Week 15
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Not sure why but when not using 100% strength since I grow autoflowers, I have had to adjust the pH up when using Reverse Osmosis water. Other than not being 'pH perfect" for me I think these are good nutrients.
First time using the recharge so not sure if I can give it a review yet. Next grow I will be using Grow dots and recharge so I will let you know more then.
Had a bag of Happy Frog that had a low pH right out of the bag cannot remember exactly 5.3-5.8 so let's say 5.5 pH. I added this to my soil before I potted and itrealy helped.
IMO Ac Infinity is one of the best brands you can get. This light seems adequate (my autoflowers could take 80% in late flower) however I wish it were a little bigger as I feel like I need to squash plants to the center of my tent. Will be upgrading to the Evo 4 or Evo 6 depending on if I decide to get a larger tent.
I have an Ac Infinity as my main tent and another brand tent I use as a dry tent. AC Infinity is far superior. Thicker, better zippers, stronger supports. I have 2 polydactyl Manx cats who love to climb on the tent and stretch with their claws out and still have not torn it. Very impressive.
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CannaMom2 CannaMom2
7 months ago
I really loved growing this strain. She smelled amazing and grew very impressive even with my soil issues. Waiting a little longer to cure before I give smoke report.
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Grow Questions
CannaMom2started grow question 10 months ago
I have used Happy Frog before with no issues. I am running my first 420 Fast Buds seeds and they seem to have nute burn for the last few weeks no matter what I do. Is this maybe a deficiency and not burn?
Leaves. Edges burnt
Leaves. Veins - yellow between
Leaves. Color - Pale
Mrs_Larimaranswered grow question 10 months ago
Do you See how Close are the internodes of your plant? IT avmix light was very Strong Here and did some damage. And die the strong lightning The plantsexchabe of nutes and water we're very high. So water evaporated nutrients stayed ( burnt leaftips) My advise. Dimm Back you light to 60 percent and Look how she Changes. She should grow in inchwide internodes.
CannaMom2started grow question 8 months ago
She was looking beautiful up until about 7 days ago. Noticed very minute brown edges on a few upper leaves. Everyday saw a bit more until I got this! Is this too much or not enough nutrients? pH issue??
Leaves. Edges burnt
AutoflowersSucKanswered grow question 8 months ago
Thats Potassium, or lack there of. Either pH is off or your aren't giving it enough, or it's locked out from too much calcium or overall salt build up in the root zone.

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Mrs_Larimarweek 5
If you DIMM Back your light to 60 percent, new grow will Look fine again. The burnt leaves May Look worse and wilt.bevsuse damage IS done.
@Mrs_Larimar, thank you so much for your help. I was thinking light burn instead of nute burn early on but then I couldn'f find any pics that matched mine online so I thought maybe deficiency or nute burn. I have dropped lights back to 60% today. I was going by PAR but not taking into account these are autoflowers and not photoperiods.
SkunkleDamoweek 1
I do hope you all get through it safely and feel better very soon. I too am growing fast buds ztrawberriez auto. . Its on day 19 I think.
@CannaMom2, Thats bad then. I honestly thought it had gone away somewhat. My mum was really bad with it and my uncle got it and it started so many other complications. He was in a coma for weeks on a ventilator. Loads of other problems. He's better now but nowhere near the man he was and never will be. Tomorrow is a gift not a given right (to be profound lol)
@SkunkleDamo, Thank you, this is the sickest I have ever been in my life! Good luck with your grow!
Dabkingweek 9
Good luck with your grow. Hope the flower turns out amazing.
@Dabking, Thanks! Second grow so still learning alot. First grow finished but buds were not very attractive, kind of airy, and just not what I expected. However, they still smoke good so not a total loss with that one.
SkunkleDamoweek 2
Yours looks be growing similar to mine. The fan leaves are on extra long stems/petioles. I'm in Coco but I've found no nute burn at all at doses where some photos would burn. I'm about 75% max manufacturers guideline dose. She's at day 22 and 12". I wasn't going to do any lst but I succumbed and bent the main stem over
@SkunkleDamo, yes they are doing pretty similar. Yours seems to be growing a little faster than mine. At day 17 I am only 5 inches tall. I had a little light burn when I tried to jump intensity too fast but no nute burn which is great since Happy Frog is pretty hot. I have never tried coco so that is for a future endeavor once I lock in this peat based growing. I noticed a tiny bit of browning on a lower leaf of both plants but I am pretty sure I got them wet when I was trying to mist down my walls to lower humidity faster.
BudBoutiqueweek 10
Wow buddy!! super nice buds  What an amazing grow so far - good job and well done 🤝 Happy Growing & cant wait for your upcoming weeks 🌱 Cheers, Bud Boutique 👩‍🌾
SkunkleDamoweek 5
Hey there. I'm a bit unsure on autos and when they are ready. I am at 69 days and still lots of white pistils. Trikes are turning but I'm gonna let her go to 80+ days. I'm watching yours as they are of similar age.
@CannaMom2, Lol. I just checked my trichomes and they have nearly , if not all now turned cloudy. About 20% amber. She had started to foxtail so as soon as I saw 80/20 I chopped. I'm putting some pictures of my dissected plant. I haven't trimmed yet just hung to dry
@SkunkleDamo, Your plant is GEORGOUS!! I am so jealous. From what I have learned you definitely want to have most trichomes cloudy and 30% ish amber. (Not an expert just what I have learned from research and speaking with other auto growers) I will have to do this strain again as my harvest is going to be pretty small due to the issues I had in the beginning. My girl looks like a dwarf compared to that beauty. Mine is smelling pretty nice and I grabbed my cannon good camera today to get some pictures of the trichomes. Trichomes on mine are still not quite there either and she is at day 68 If I am thinking correctly. Other plant in tent is Mimosa Cake and it has a LONG way to go but has more bud sites than I have ever seen on every branch and already smells delicious. With Mimosa Cake I am at a point where I just don't know what leaves I can take still to get her enough light. My husband was watching me dance around defoliating it and he said I looked like the cat head bobbing around the plant. So crazy!
@CannaMom2, Re her trichomes, on mine they are the biggest most bulbous trichomes I have ever seen . A real pleasure to see. I am at day 70 since sprout now. I think she will need another week yet. I don't want to take this one down too early. I have some strawberry kush drying so won't need to chop prematurely which is a flaw if mine.
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HeartStrong_Gardenweek 6
💕✌️🏼🌱 I've had that issue before too early on. I also use the Happy Frog. I don't think it has enough nitrogen for the speed that autos veg in...
Herbie101week 6
I hope they'll recover soon! All the best for your run! Happy growing 🌱🌞🍀
Dabkingweek 15
I'm jealous. I'm a few weeks behind you. How was it?
@Dabking, strawberriez was amazing. Mimosa Cake has a chlorophyll taste still so curing it longer. Hopefully I didn’t mess it up because the smell is so delicious!
Lemonhazeloverweek 10
Nice choise strain, good luck bro☘️