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"Lapideus" C#8

3 months ago
00seeds2 - 00 KUSH
Purple Lemonade Auto
Blimburn Seeds
Growing it
The heaviest things in life aren't iron & gold, but un-made decisions. The reason you are stressed is because you have decisions to make and you aren't making them. Dopamine is not the pursuit of happiness, but the happiness of pursuit.
The Outcome
Week 9
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
Number of plants harvested
g / watt
g / plant
Tastes like
Feels like
60% Sativa 40% Indica

Positive effects

Always notice a pep in the step after a feeding.
Yes, no, maybe so.
8th grow and still pumping out bangers.
Commented by
Ultraviolet Ultraviolet
3 months ago
Day 3-4 of dry, buds still squishy soft, smell permeates well when squeezed, could smell a little green going on but dissipates fast. I've done similar drys before but by day 4 they are normally snapping at the stem by now, going to need at least a week if not more at this rate, very little shrinkage of buds so far either, very little need to defoliate which is excellent. The main large bud on the tall plant had gone a little too far towards senescence as it looked like it possibly started to rejuvenate ever so slightly, the observation looked like the dense buds started to slightly even before I promptly harvested. The rapidly dried test bud I harvested early, although still packed with chlorophyll at that point was still a lot smoother than I expected, still too early but it had me excited,. Day 5-6 of dry, oh yeah, chlorophyll starting to dissipate leaving only pungent overpowering dogshits, squeeze a bud and find out. Frankenstein, absolute honking stinking "buckle up, be ready". Excited to smoke. With Grove Bag TerpLoc technology, the optimal moisture levels to begin curing are between 10 and 12 percent. If the moisture content is anywhere outside of this range, it can spur mold growth and degrade the strain's terpene profile. Moisture content can be tested using a moisture meter in the stem of a bud. Know the importance of cannabis curing, im learning how to cure cannabis more effectively. The post-harvest process is just as vital as the growing process itself. Cutting corners at any stage can cause the flower to diminish in potency, quality, and value. If a plant is not sufficiently dried before its buds are cured, the integrity of the flower can be compromised. Starting the curing process once buds have dried to an ideal moisture level is just as important as the curing process. Drying also involves removing chlorophyll within the buds. This allows for key chemical reactions to take place, helping the flower to reach its full potential. Growers work hard to create crops with quality genetics, and the preservation of organic chemicals is key for successful cultivation. Knowing how long to cure cannabis, the controlled environment best suited for curing, and the nuances of UV can help brands stand out among competitors. With the right technology, cultivators can optimize their curing process and create consistent results. TerpLoc technology creates the perfect environment for maintaining quality and consistency in flowers from packaging to purchase. Its biggest attribute comes during curing. Unlike past methods of curing where the flowers would be agitated and ‘burped’ on a daily basis, TerpLoc automatically pushes out excess moisture and unwanted oxygen. This creates the perfect environment for allowing both the cannabinoids and terpenes to mature always keeping 58-62%RH After the cannabis plant is cut from its roots, cultivators begin the post-harvest process. Before curing takes place, the plant must be placed in a drying room. During both the drying and curing processes, excess moisture is removed from the buds. This discourages anaerobic bacteria and microbial growth while lengthening the product’s shelf life. Simply place the properly dried flower 10-12%RH into the bag, seal it, and allow the magic to happen from two weeks to as much as two months for optimal potency. It’s that simple. Properly dried and cured cannabis showcases the cultivar’s best qualities, helping brands and home growers alike make the most of their harvest.
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Natronaweek 0
Happy growing 🌱 and have fun 🎉 my friend.
resimaxweek 1
Good luck and happy growing 😁
limelight77week 3
Love it ~ Now that's some potent shit lol ~ Rock n Roll ~ Cheers 😜
BudBoutiqueweek 2
GGS 🧑‍🌾
BudBoutiqueweek 7
Wow buddy!! super nice buds  What an amazing grow so far - good job and well done 🤝 Happy Growing & cant wait for your upcoming weeks 🌱 Cheers, Bud Boutique 👩‍🌾
@BudBoutique, Thank you kindly, I'll most try not screw this one up. So far so good.
BudBoutiqueweek 5
Have a good transition into Flower buddy !! Really good work u put in advance to prepare them for flower 🧑‍🌾 💚
Thank you.
MiyaguiOkPolillaweek 8
Lemonhazeloverweek 7
She looks very happy with your gardener's hand🧑‍🌾 Happy growing and good luck buddy ☘️