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Sugar Mango Ryder Out Door

3 years ago
Room Type
Grow medium
12-12 From Seed
World of Seeds - Sugar Mango Ryder
Sugar Mango Ryder
World of Seeds

Growing it




This is my first harvest from poorly prepared start. SMR grew fast and strong. She yielded extraordinary potent weed with narcotic effect.

On growing, I made big mistakes.

I topped her and transplanted her. She did not like that.

I grow outdoor and it would have been better to leave her alone.

She also stood up to over watering and overfeeding well. She survived 38 degree C heat and 80% humidity with 12 hours sun through most of her life cycle. yet she put our crazy dense nugget.

SMR did exceptionally well up to bud rot. Lost half of the nugget. However, I think it is fair as WoS did say to look out for mold issues. This is a fine strain if you don't have to handle hot and humid climate.

To do better, I need to: 1) leave her alone and not top her. 2) Take care of seedling inside. 3) Grow 8 plants in smaller space out door. 4) Grow in dry season. 5) Work with a feed schedule.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
ounce /plant
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100% Sativa
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Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth

I used mined bat dung. Too strong and burned plant.

Commented by Med_in_Tropic Med_in_Tropic

The stone was so strong. Has to be careful on which occasion to smoking SMR. It can totally incapacitated smoker with one small bowl.

There were leaves and buds on trims. After drying, there was small amount of trichome on trims. So, I put these trims in a vodka bottle. I I did try the trim infused vodka. It does not supposed to have stoning effect without decarboxylation but it did get me a stone.

I took one drink before I worked out in the gym. After 30 minutes of running, suddenly I was lazy. A little later, I got in to my weight routine. And I became Master Rochi in Dragon ball. Pumping iron with no pain. I knew it wast SMR doing this and stop myself from lifting too hard. With infused vodka, the stone was mild but lasted 4 hours. Infusing trims made vodka tasted a bit like alcoholic tea. I do like the taste but this is not a party drink. People will get drunk and fall asleep all over.

I like water curing. It is fast. Little smell during drying. Leaves almost came off by themselves after three days in warm water. So trimming is simplified. The product has very little smell and aroma. Weight is reduced as there is less vegetable matters. Not for commercial grower. Great for space saving. Also burned really clean.

I decarboxylate with 4 minutes in the microwave follows by 120 degree C for 20 minutes in air fryer.

So I have the med that is ready and can be either smoke or infused into edible0

Smoke review

Grow Questions
Med_in_Tropic week 13 started grow question 3 years ago
How to activate THC in infused vodka.
I have been adding trim and loose buds to a bottle of 80 prof (40%) vodka. The cannabis were in added in mixed conditions. Some buds were added fresh. Most bus and trims were watered cured and dried. And a batch was cooked.
Techniques. Defoliation
Philindicus answered grow question 3 years ago
Your weed needs to go through a decarboxylation process to turn THCA into THC. Put it in the oven for 25 minutes at 250 Fahrenheit. Personally I would dry the weed in a traditional fashion (not water cured)let it cure for a few weeks to breakdown the chlorophyll a bit then do a decarboxylation process. Next you set up a double boiler one pan with water with another smaller pan inside that one which will hold the vodka and ground up decarb. weed. heat it to about 150-160 Fahrenheit for a couple of hours to infuse the vodka. You will lose some vodka do to evaporation. Do not let it heat up to 170 F or higher or the alcohol will boil off. When finished filter the vodka through cheese clothe and then a coffee filter. You know what to do with it after that.
Blacklisted week 14

just why would you dry your weed in oven ? grill ? :))) micro ? just why ?

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@JKT48, 3 days works for me.

2 days - all smell is gone but water is still too green.
5 days - leaves start to deteriorate. And buds are really dark.

Drying in card board takes two to thee days. However - I put my buds in small bakery aluminum box with lid. Then I air fried it at 120 C for half an hour when buds are still wet. Then, i dried it. This way bids are partially decarboxylate. I don’t smoke much. And decarboxylated buds smoked the same but I have flexibility to eat or drink it if I like.

Air fry because I don’t have an oven. Baking is not really in our culture.


@Med_in_Tropic, Ah, I see. In my experience, the drying time after the water cure was also much faster. Whereas normal buds took 5-6 days where I live, water cured ones only took 2-3 days. Was it the same in your experience?


@JKT48, I am a fan. Most important to me is the privacy during curing. No advertising of ganja possession by hanging lines of strong smelling buds.

DoDrugs420 week 14

Holy, that's some serious Sugar Mango Ryder!