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Bloody Skunkus Amungus

Approved by Sweet Seeds
1 year ago
Room Type
Sweet Seeds - Bloody Skunk Auto®
Bloody Skunk Auto®
Sweet Seeds

Growing it




LOVE this strain the breeders at Sweet Seeds did a great job developing her. Should be on your must grow list. Who doesn't like purple bud? Exciting colors and incredible smells she will lure you in for sure. Interesting genetics out of 4 plants I wound up with 2 purples and 2 green/purple (Sweet Skunk leaning) phenotype which was actually a pleasant surprise. Both phenotype had excellent bud structure and trichome coverage with a low leaf to calyx ratio. The buds dried up well with a density of 7.5-8 on a 10 scale. If I had some lower temperatures while budding they would be a bit denser. When you pull out a nice bud of this it has a definite "WOW" factor in terms of visual/bag appeal. Pleasant smelling buds reminiscent of ripe lemon with a slight berry/earthy scent but smells varied slightly between each phenotype. Smoke was excellent even after only a 2 week cure she was very smooth and extra tasty on the exhale. I would call it as a daytime smoke but would be great anytime. Took them at about 5% amber. She had a bit of everything from a headband type high to start then spilling through you like a waterfall to your chest and arms. Progressing slowly down to your legs ending with a nice bit of a body high after about 1.5-2 hours. Bonus was the Bloody Skunk hash oil I made with the trimmings which once again put things over the top. With a nice smear on your rolling paper don't make any plans for the next few hours after hitting that luscious thing. Just chill and enjoy the ride. Looking forward to growing her again in the future during a cooler season.

The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
4 plants
Number of plants harvested
245 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
ounce /watt/plant
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
75% Sativa
25% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth

I've been trying a variety of their product which are very good. I don't feel using the entire line up is really necessary. The only issue is the line up seems to be a bit heavy in nitrogen during bloom causing leafier buds.


Very happy with this product. Gave them a couple of pops of this around week 6 & 7 definately saw more calyxes growing from the buds adding to the density. I will work this into my future nute regimes.

I have to apologize for not listing a wet weight. I don't feel listing a wet weight of large wet branches with buds still attached gives a good comparison to the dry bud weight. Seemed like a pretty typical auto to start. The one lighter green seedling seemed to have wet feet so giving her a couple of foliage feedings helped her out while I let her catch up and dry out a bit. I had a few unwanted visitors in the first few weeks which I feel affected them growing to their full potential during veg and may have effected my harvest amount. Using a 2-3 gallon pot was ideal anything larger would be excessive in my opinion. Starting to give some light nutes a bit earlier would have helped a bit and I was struggling to keep the humidity up high enough, finally broke down and added a humidifier. Educated myself on VPD (Vapor pressure deficit) definitely a good read for any grower. They handled nutes very well I don't think you would need to take them up any higher than 800 ppm on a 0.5 scale TDS meter. Even though I didn't push them to the max during mid/late bloom I saw no signs of nute burn. My plan of starting Cal/Mag supplements at week 4 worked out well I only saw one of the oldest lower fan leaves showing a faint deficiency. The addition of PK 13/14 was something new I wanted to try. Using this lead to great calyx development and density in the buds. I personally feel AN nutrients have too much nitrogen during bloom and lack phosphorus at a key time during bud formation leading to excessively leafy buds. Buds were easy to handle and trim very few leaves to remove and just tipped any tiny leaves not covered in trichomes. Dried them over a 6-7 day period. Got them down to about 66% humidity then jarred them up burping them a few times a day taking them down to 62-63% over the next few days. Added Boveda 62% packs during the second week for the start of a nice cure. Going to squirrel away the best buds for an 8-12 week cure for my head stash.:grinning: 000

Grow Questions
Philindicus week 3 started grow question 1 year ago
About those fungus gnats, I definately won't be buying bags soil from the same distributor next time. Since this pest is something most growers wind up with on occasion so do you try to add preventatives to your soil mix every time or take some other steps?
Techniques. SoG
Show all Answers (1)
Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 1 year ago
What I will do is any time is see one first thing I will do is either make a cinnamon tea or even put a little cinnamon powder on the top soil they hate the smell and won't go in an lay larvae. It doesn't kill the adult so sticky traps are great. and to make the cinnamon tea you just take any where from 2-4 tbs of cinnamon powder and add it to hot/boiled water the water needs to be pretty hot. Add powder to hot water in a jug you can shake it up in then after shaking let sit and cool for 12-24 hrs then strain and you are left with a cinnamon smelling "Tea" you can spay it on the Tent, plants, outside tent pretty much anywhere you want and it smell likes cinnamon an deters them from going near there.:+1: If they are really bad and already in the soil then Diotamacious Earth works great to kill anything trying to come up or into the soil it cuts them up as they try. Also another good easy preventative is to have some companion plants that have insecticide like properties like basil a lot of pest hate the smell of it so they stay away there is a bunch that can help look into it it pretty neat:blush: Happy growing!!
Philindicus week 6 started grow question 1 year ago
Does anyone out there feeling the same way I do about too much nitrogen in nutes during bloom causing buds to be too leafy and with a 8-9 week auto flower would week 6 or week 7 be better to give them a bit of extra P/K yet leave enough time for a 10-14 day flush?
Techniques. Defoliation
Caribbean answered grow question 1 year ago
I would add it on week 6 and stop it on the end of week 8 to have 2 weeks of pk boost for the plant. I agreed that too much nitrogen can lead to leafy plants but I also observed that phenomenon when I was using a 6-6-6 Npk nutrient , the plants ended up more leafy and green than usual , the taste was affected by too much chlorophyll
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Sweet_Seeds week 10

Hi my friend, thanks for sharing this nice work with us ;)
Sweet smokes!


@Sweet_Seeds, Thank you. It's nice to see you take the time to follow so many diaries on this site. I look forward to growing more of your strains.

The_Cat week 10

Meow <3 :kissing_cat:

Med_in_Tropic week 10

Again, another master trim work added to beautiful colas.

NaturalGrowG week 10

Nice buds dude! Way to go! Enjoy smoking her:sunglasses::ok_hand::facepunch:

BoredSangheili week 10

Looks really tasty.

ValhallasGarden week 10

Its a nice diary man !! Damn that stuff looks like CHRONIC !! keep up the great work and best of luck on your future projects !


@ValhallasGarden, Thanks brother was smoking today with a few friends they seem to be in love with the Bloody Skunk.

Crisdolemeth week 10

how strong was your flower light ?


@Crisdolemeth, It's 245 actual watts. Par value of 860 uMol/m2/s at 14 inchs above plants. My grow box is only 28" x 24".

Shinsimilla week 10

Aah man, these look so good!
I have some in my bank and after reading your review I'm definitely adding one to my next batch!

Momgrowsthechronic week 10

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful :wave: