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Double Amnesia

Approved by Exotic Seed
1 year ago
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Exotic Seed - Amnesia #7
Amnesia #7
Exotic Seed

Growing it




This grow started out indoors under KIND K3 LED lighting and then was moved outdoors to finish up.

With the exception of having one girl that freaked and went into flowering mode when moved outdoors (my fault no doubt) and one that didn't... everything went fine. The early harvest on one means I'm now consuming the first part of this grow as she's been cured for more than 6 weeks now and she's yummy and potent. No problems with pests this summer.

I should note that the seeds for this grow were provided by Exotic Seed as part of my contest winnings from September of last year here at GD. Thanks for supporting the platform. I grew 2 plants as opposed to 1 because I wanted to more fully test the dry trimming action of the Trimbag (also part of that September winnings)... and because 25 seeds is like a lifetime supply at my age and one just wouldn't cut it.


The Outcome
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
2 plants
Number of plants harvested
ounce /plant
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
70% Sativa
30% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry mouth

Nutrients performed as expected. Generally never used at more than 50% recommended ratio.

September 25 > Harvest at dawn for the big girl. The usual routine... except I shot a time-lapse video this time to play with the camera I won last year. Clipped the top buds first - then the base. Took me 2 hours to wash all that -rinse - repeat.

Well this was an interesting summer with this pair of girls.

I learned that I don't really need a container larger than 10 gallons in order to grow very large plants (in my neck of the woods anyway). Now when I say large I mean how much space they take up on my patio. I'm allowed to grow 6 legally but 4 eats up pretty much the whole patio. And the reality is I don't need to grow plants that large. The outdoor yield will last well into next year for me and everybody I know. So next summer I plan to do much more serious pruning to limit the scope and shape of the girls I grow outdoors.

I also learned that I don't need an inverted tomato cage style support if my container is larger than 5 gallons. The Durban I grew last summer was in a 5 gallon container and there's not enough weight in there to keep her grounded. Once up to 10 gallons you won't want to lift the container much and there's enough weight in there to keep things stable.

At the moment I've listed 450g as a dry weight for both plants (updated to 458g final). I haven't actually weighed the 2nd plant yet and won't even trim her for about a week or so (I'll be back to update diary). The first girl came in at 235 grams. I got pretty ruthless throwing away small budlets and trim this morning as it took me 4 hours to take this big girl down and wash her up. That's only because I spent half a day yesterday trimming Cream & Cheese and moving Northern Lights around... and it's been over 95 degrees both days... so I'm ready for a rest. Cannabis harvesting is not easy labor.

Diary note > There was a software malfunction a week or so back and I was unable to add a new flowering week, whereupon it was determined there was a limit of 26 weeks at that time... so I didn't add any more weeks after that until the harvest week. When I added the harvest week, it appears the malfunction had been corrected because I COULD HAVE added a new flowering week at that time. I think there's only a week missing. Differences can be noted with dates on the photos.

If I had a problem this summer it's because I was too anxious to get going after a long winter nursing shoulder surgery and I didn't pay proper attention to the lighting ramifications when the instructions were there for me, and subsequently started too early. Next year I plan for an early crop of auto flowers to keep me occupied until the proper time for a regular crop.


September 30 > Trimming and processing complete. I really manhandled the big girl with the Trimbag, largely because I knew I was gonna have a pound of herb on my hands (way more than I will personally consume) and I wanted to minimize my hand trimming. So when I say manhandled here, I mean I ran it through the process TWICE, using about 40 rotations/spins each time. It probably would have helped to be a tad drier, but we're entering a cool spell now and we've run out of time. Mother Nature has decided to turn off the heater... which has turned my Purple Berry Kush a nice shade of purple... but that's tomorrow mornings's harvest... <sigh>... anyway... where was I... oh yeah... AMNESIA... <hehe>

Trimbag generated trim on 1st pass = 217 g
Trimbag generated trim on 2nd pass = 90 g
Trim generated by hand after that = 186 g
Final bud weight for big girl = 223 g

Clearly, comparing weight of trim generated by hand vs by the Trimbag here you can see the result of my "manhandling".

Little girl was in a 10 gallon pot and generated 235 g buds and 360 g trim.
Big girl was in a 15 gallon pot and generated 223 g buds and 493 g trim.

Final total bud weight 458 grams for both plants.

Hope anybody following along learned something this summer. I did.


The trick is to not make the same mistake twice. That's kinda why we're all here. Kinda. :fist:

Grow Questions
dalemac week 17 started grow question 1 year ago
Got 2 plants that have grown up under identical conditions except pot size. Both were germinated - everything - on the same schedule. Started indoors under 18 hours of light; then moved outdoors. One is flowering - one is not. Will this plant keep flowering or revert to veg?
Leaves. Too many
Show all Answers (2)
Removed answered grow question 1 year ago
@dalemac Beautiful sativa looking leaves on those girls.
To answer your question I need to know what hours of light your plants are getting each day.
If the light cycle is diminishing (sun setting and rising 12 hrs or more apart) your plant will continue to flower But
if it's still the middle of summer where you are She will most definately try to reveg
Which is not a bad thing although such stress can turn plants hermophrodite in some cases.
If you want her to continue flowering outdoors you could consider a technique I have used with success called
forced flowering outdoors see my diary for more details Mate
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Removed week 26

They look class :+1:...when you wash you mean the whole plant in water ?


@Removed, yep the whole plant. About 18" at a time. It's a 3 stage bath. Stage 1 is Hydrogen Peroxide and water. Stage 2 is Lemon Juice and Baking soda (and water). Stage 3 is just a water rinse. It was damn windy this morning and hard to keep debris off my washed plants. There is a large tree in my yard shedding a lot of pollen this time of year. An amazing amount of stuff falls outa the sky onto outdoor herb. Indoors - not so much.

Smokwiri week 26

Looks great, very impressive

IDOSWED week 26

crazy shit

MrBlocc420 week 26

Great video man, the perfect song for the strain. I’m digging it :ok_hand::skin-tone-5: