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First Outdoor Grow!

3 years ago
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Commented by Vega0284 Vega0284
3 years ago

Hey Guys!

Super excited this week! I've really been wanting to try growing outdoors, so I built a cheap hoop house! Got most of this stuff for the frame from Lowes under 300$. All the soil products I got from GrowGreenMI. Some really cool people out there.

One thing I'm super worried about is drainage. Right now those holes are about 4 feet deep and they've got about 4 inches of water in them already. What's been cautioned is that, eventually, about 2 months in these plants roots will grow and reach the bottom and cause root rot to form. One of the biggest things I was trying to be wary of was causing root rot. This was also the biggest precautionary measure I took when mixing the soil. Adding the extra perlite, coco, and clay pebbles. Best advice right now is to build the soil up on the holes another 16 to 18 inches and possible stick a PVC pipe down to the lowest drainage point of the hole to allow some of that natural occurring water to evaporate.

Any advice anyone has on it is welcomed!

Making a compost tea for the soil outdoors, will probably put 2 cups in each RDWC bucket as well and let that do it's magic for a day or so before nutrient change. Raised the bed about 14 inches as well!

All the seeds sank! Off to a good start! Lol

Grow Questions
Vega0284 week 1 started grow question 3 years ago
If you check in the video above with the soil I have a lot of natural water occurring in the holes. What's the best way to prevent root rot from occurring given the circumstances?
Techniques. Defoliation
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anthbiafore answered grow question 3 years ago
ive grown a ton of tomatoes and peppers in containers and from my experience that won't really happen man. the plants are gonna be hella happy in that thing no matter what there is area for the roots to dig into and grow in the ground, it doesnt mean that those roots need to necessarily have a job, and some roots may rot, but it doesn't mean that that root was useful anyway. it may have grown for a specific part of the plant and then rotted and the plant then signals the rest of the plant to uptake from other roots. the amount of roots in the ground doesn't mean much because a plant can only grow so fast and so optimally, beyond that it will fix every problem given the right environment. the environment your giving it is like plant-steroids habitat. the plant will not have needed the potentially rotted root if it ''rots'' in this great environment you are giving it. it would simply just discard it while fungus bacteria trichodermia and other bioturbulent insects would clear the way for more roots to grow anyway. I saw your vid of watering the soil I think your 300 dollar tent is awesome and I wish when I built mine I could have beena bit more simpler, Now im downsizing and im going to use that little pvc tube thing to encase my little grow area because a squared wooden roof was just a stupid idea. yours looks so simple dang. wish I didn't put so much thought into mine.
Vega0284 week 4 started grow question 3 years ago
Should I top plants outdoors? I'd imagine the sun would be powerful enough to penetrate an uneven canopy, however I don't have unlimited growspace, Depending on how tall these girls get they could very easily grow through the literal ceiling. Any thoughts?
Techniques. Defoliation
Waters answered grow question 3 years ago
I’m not sure how high your ceiling is and the average height of each of your strains but If you think that height will be an issue then I’d say top them. From what I’ve seen there may not be much difference in yield cause the sun can penetrate deeply, but if you don’t mind losing a few days growth, then save yourself a hassle down the track and just top them once.
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Thee_HoffGuyy week 1

Nice job on that greenhouse man!! I gotta make one like that. Hope you have a good grow season Happy Growing!!


Thanks man! I'm super excited to see how it turns out!

anthbiafore week 1

also its march so the ground will dry out pretty well in the next two months its still very wet and soggy, I won't be planting outdoors till about may 1st. but Im going to start my seedlings inside around now time


@anthbiafore, That's true. I it was a pretty wet winter! Thanks for the advice!

Removed week 1

Nice little greenhouse you got there, best of luck!

I'm on my first grow, outdoor, some in pots, some in soil (wish I had a greenhouse too, at times).

Echoing the sentiments of anthbiafore regarding drainage, I've got plants in HEAVY clay soil and had like a week of constant rain, in the open, and my plants loved it (though my house almost flooded badly).

Slightly crappy drainage for marijuana plants might even be ideal, because they tend to have shallow roots. I even feel like I should close the drainage holes in my pots, because of that sort of thing.


Awesome thanks so much for the feedback!