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VitaLink is a fertilizer company with 20 years experience in the industary. It was founded in Coventry, England. Only top quality and beneficial ingredients are used in production to guarantee stable and high yielding.

Over last two years the company became popular in the world market. All product has strick quality control that provides customers with trusted results. The range contains fertilizers for every growing style.


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12 weeks
Forum Stomper
19 comments · 6 months ago
Mimosa Evo - First photo grow :)
21 weeks
Mimosa Evo - First photo grow :) GWSD82
Mimosa Evo
47 comments · 4 months ago
15 weeks
D.O.M WINNER 04-2021 GORILLA GIRL XL Igrowneil
Gorilla Girl XL Auto
117 comments · 6 months ago
Mephisto Pink Livers #1 (LST)
12 weeks
Mephisto Pink Livers #1 (LST) scotch_egg
Pink Livers (Illuminauto #48)
13 comments · 7 months ago
Creamy Freebie (Bakery Seed Co.)
11 weeks
Creamy Freebie (Bakery Seed Co.) scotch_egg
Creme Brulee Auto
12 comments · 8 months ago
Herz OG - Exotic Seeds
17 weeks
Herz OG - Exotic Seeds Jef79
Herz OG
86 comments · 6 months ago
Hesi Fed Gorilla glue from PEV -
14 weeks
Hesi Fed Gorilla glue from PEV - Jef79
Gorilla Glue Feminized
35 comments · 8 months ago
Slurricane from Anesia
21 weeks
Slurricane from Anesia Jef79
59 comments · 7 months ago
Runtz from Zamnesia
15 weeks
Runtz from Zamnesia Jef79
77 comments · 9 months ago
RuntzMuffin for Christmas table
14 weeks
RuntzMuffin for Christmas table DesDeGrower
Runtz Muffin
33 comments · 9 months ago

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Crazy Mix 1st Edition ;)
19 weeks
Crazy Mix 1st Edition ;) Ferenc
+3 strains
197 comments · 9 months ago
The endless RED garden
27 weeks
The endless RED garden DreamIT
+1 strain
174 comments · 7 months ago
.RQS. - Gorilla Royal (purple)
13 weeks
.RQS. - Gorilla Royal (purple) Alexa
Royal Gorilla
231 comments · 2 years ago
Barney's Bonsai Fem. Mini Stealth Grow
16 weeks
Barney's Bonsai Fem. Mini Stealth Grow Ferenc
CBD Blue Shark
148 comments · 11 months ago
Watermelon zkittlez auto Barneys Farm
15 weeks
Watermelon zkittlez auto Barneys Farm OrganicNature420
Watermelon Zkittlez Auto
274 comments · 5 months ago
Do-Si-Dos OG
15 weeks
Do-Si-Dos OG Ferenc
Do-Si-Dos OG
132 comments · 9 months ago
The endless GREEN garden
28 weeks
The endless GREEN garden DreamIT
+1 strain
44 comments · 7 months ago
Crazy Mix 2nd Edition ;)
18 weeks
Crazy Mix 2nd Edition ;) Ferenc
+3 strains
100 comments · 9 months ago
Black Ghost OG
15 weeks
Black Ghost OG Ferenc
Black Ghost OG
61 comments · 9 months ago

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Purple Auto Solo Cup
3 weeks
Purple Auto Solo Cup The_Highdrated_One
Auto Purple
3 comments · 5 days ago
2 weeks
TD AUTO Magic_frequency
Tangerine Dream Auto
4 comments · 53 minutes ago
The White OG - Seedsman
2 weeks
The White OG - Seedsman StantonGrowsUk
The White OG
8 comments · 3 days ago
2 weeks
Sweet Amnesia Haze®
4 comments · 1 week ago
Quick one
3 weeks
Quick one Malcom
Quick One
18 comments · 6 days ago
LA S.A.G.E X SBC X BC SOG test run
4 weeks
LA S.A.G.E X SBC X BC SOG test run seymore_budz
TH Seeds - LA S.A.G.E x BC x SBC
3 comments · 5 days ago
Wedding Cake - Zamnesia Seeds
5 weeks
Wedding Cake - Zamnesia Seeds Jef79
Wedding Cake
13 comments · 13 hours ago

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Excellent Cal Mag, use with most feeds under the Mars hydro light. Also as part of one of my folior sprays. Would recommend!

1 week ago

Buddy definitely increased on denisty on this run

4 weeks ago

Vitalink buddy definitely increased desinty of the buds on this run to ultra firm flowers from the wedding glue and the runtz extremely large flowers but amazing results

1 month ago

The buddy is definitely a good product I used the pk this time properly and see amazing results very heavy flowers and dense and resin everywhere
Use this along side GHE TRI PART FLORA AND BIO ROOTS for outstanding results :clap:

1 month ago

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Hey you any promotions going or looking for growers i have my grow coming down soon looking to do my next batch have a look at my diary if you have time