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Critical + 2.0 in Outdoor 2019

8 months ago
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Dinafem - Critical + 2.0
Critical + 2.0

Growing it




Very enjoyable strain to grow. Big bushy plant with citrusy and floral smell. Excellent seeds.

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What's on the scales?
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1 plant
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30% Sativa
70% Indica

Day 185. (4.10.) I harvested her today. She was at day 44 in flowering. stage. The weather was rainy and cold. She showed up some mold and she had milky trichomes. It was happy grow and plant. She will dry for 14 days at 20 celsius, 55% huminidity. Im excited to smoke her or bake some brownies.:innocent:

Grow Questions
Betagemini week 15 started grow question 11 months ago
Hi growers. I have problem with yellowing leafs from the ground like every year around July to the end of harvest. I'm using just BioCanna Vega 40ml to the 11l of water, 3-4 times per week, ph 6.5. I'm trying add just water for a week. I started yesterday. thank you for help!
Leaves. Color - Yellow
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CCgrow answered grow question 11 months ago
Hey @Betagemini, your plants looks good first of :+1:. This is a common nitrogen deficiency when especially it's lower leaves that turn yellow. If new leaves aren't getting enough nitrogen than they are stealing from older leaves hence the yellowing. It's more common to see this especially as your plant matures it requires higher amount of Nitrogen as it is drawing more nutrients and minerals from the soil. Your plant is huge therefore I can see this happening. As you transition into flowering the plant will still need some nitrogen but far less than in its vegetative stage. If you start seeing brown spots on your leaves then in that case it's also missing some calcium which next year you can add dolomite lime to your soil ahead of transplanting or in the mid-term mix some cal-mag with your water. Looking forward to see this beast in flower.
Betagemini week 19 started grow question 10 months ago
Hi growers.I'm solving problem with my departure to the holiday for 3 weeks. At my home will be two grandmas with no experincies with growing weed. Problem is who will fertilize the weed?I thought to buy fertilizer Guanokalong which is use every 2 months. Any ideas? How much use?
Techniques. Defoliation
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Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 10 months ago
ven elder mommas got green fingers believe me... for me it worked wonderful to give them alist what to do... for example, give her evry day 3l water....... and an saturdays 2 liter water.... and after watering 1 liter mixed with..... 4ml ....thats it..... my granny loved to nurse my plants^^... i hope your grannys are as clever as mine was... and give alittle trust into the ladies.............................. before you leave i would flush them and give them some N .............................more in the comments....
Betagemini week 23 started grow question 9 months ago
Hi Guys I need some advice pleas to stop yellowing all the leafs on the plant. I started feeding her with 40ml of Biocanna Flores per 10l of water 3-4times per week and 2 weeks later a I added 100g of guano. Do you thing it is Potassium (K) defeciency? or it is toomuchPhosphorus?
Leaves. Color - Yellow
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souljasam answered grow question 9 months ago
Yellow dots across the whole plant doesn't really scream nitrogen deficiency to me. Usually, a lack of nitrogen starts at the bottom of the plant and works its way to the top. I doubt its root burn. If its only happening on the side where sun is abundant then it could be that the plant is actively using a nutrient in those leaves that it isn't getting enough of in its feedings. looking over the charts I use I don't see any deficiency that looks specifically like what your plant is experiencing. When I see that it usually screams ph issues to me. I would water the plant to get a good amount of runoff next watering. Then ph test the runoff and make sure it is within the proper ph range. I see you have 6 listed as the ph for the current week. That is a bit low of ph to be watering soil with. You usually want it a little higher in the range of 6.3-6.8 and you want to drift in that range to ensure all nutrients have a chance to be absorbed. If it is not a ph issue, try feeding something with a little nitrogen in a low dose. Also looks like possible calcium issues as well, so maybe add a low dose of a calcium supplement. The only other thing I can really think of is the fact that you are using what seems to be an organic nutrient. Organic nutrients do work by themselves, but they work a whole heck of a lot better if you have a good microbiome in your soil. Something like real growers recharge would help you to boost the microbes in your soil which will really help to break down the organic material and feed the plant.
Betagemini week 26 started grow question 8 months ago
Hi Growers! I will harvest my lady for 10 days. Should I make a flush to her just by water or it’s not necessary? I used organic fertilizers and for 2 months minerals Magnesium&Calcium. Thank you for the answer.
Techniques. Defoliation
Cbalderson60 answered grow question 8 months ago
Since you where growing organic but still using fertilizer I recommend at least a week flush. When you flush it improves the smell and taste of buds plus a proper dry and cure. How to flush easy get some distilled or ro water and flush soil that's it your done. Give plain water from now on till harvest. Another tip you still need to pH water when flushing. Some growers say not to flush when organic. That's only true if u haven't feed plant anything but water it's whole life not any kind of nutrients no matter if it's synthetic or organic. Only way to not flush is grow in living soil/super soil.
Athos answered grow question 8 months ago
Carefully inspect the buds and get rid of every bit that shows signs of mold. You really don't want that in your lungs
Mrs_Larimar answered grow question 8 months ago
ice Harvest, now as you already Harvested your question is answered?... you can wash the branches in cold water and natriumbicarbonat( soda). That make them easier to trim and they dry better.. and all little flies dust and kinda stuff is washed away.
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DinafemSeeds week 27

Congratulations on the harvest my friend :+1:

You made the right call by harvesting early as mold/rot was creeping in :+1:

Now it's time to get those Critical+2.0 flowers dry and cured :hugging_face:

Enjoy that lovely sun grown cannabis mate :the_horns:

All the best :v:


Mrs_Larimar week 27

my Shaman Lady was Harvested today. I took away all big leaves and tiny flowers and put all the branches into my Bathtub. The tub is filled with water and some Natriumbicabonate. Tomorrow i do the trimming ( i was to tired today) its no problem to let them into cold water uintil tomorrow. they stay fresh and i can trim them very good. cheer and happy harvesttime

Athos week 27

Carefully inspect the buds and get rid of every bit that shows signs of mold. You really don't want that in your lungs