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Dutch Duh Dragon: Dragon Ball Z

2 years ago
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week 6
Paradise Seeds - Dutch Dragon
Dutch Dragon
Paradise Seeds

Growing it




"Dutch Dragon is a sativa dominant strain that contains 75% sativa and 25% indica genetics. This big producer took the 1st prize Highlife Cannabis Cup 2006 (Bio category) and became popular among cannabis growers due its high yields.

The strain is based on African genetics. It has great power and stability and energetic growth.

The strain grows up high and needs enought space to reveal a full potential. It will be the ideal choice for outdoor cultivations in sunny and mediterranean climates, because the plant loves sun and has tendency to reach the light. The strain adapts well for some training methods.

The plant has a very sticky cola  and fat buds that look like dragon’s tails. The flowering time takes 9-10 weeks and the harvest comes in mid October and brings yields of about 1 kg/plant outdoors and up to 500 gr/m2 indoors.

The smoke offers a sweet, fruity taste and a clear high with a smooth relaxation. The strong effect opens creative abilities and makes you smile. "

Dutch Dragon grew with multiple nodes and lateral branching. Beware of the stretch on this sativa dom. She gets crazy quick. She starts smelling later in life and is really easy to grow I'd say. I could have let her go easily past 12 weeks of flower. Would have been intense. The smell of her is sweet and sort of pungent crema cheese. I like the smell a lot. You can tell she is really sativa like especially her buds. She is definitely a heavy yielder. Lolipopping is recommended as well as strategic defoliation. Smoke gives a great sativa high. Not very trippy and it's a great balance for any smoke toker. :call_me_hand:

The Outcome
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Bud dry weight
What's on the scales?
Bud dry weight
1 plant
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ounce /plant
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85% Sativa
15% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects

Dry eyes

This trio went 5/5 with this girl

Experimenting. After harvest results look to seem like they really increased quantity of trichomes.

Great white created a massive root zone for dutch dragon.. definitely creates monsters.


Testing still Great penetration for the most part. Will learn more as I grow. Increased my yields by a ton!

Great vegetation light for this grow.

Commented by Visions Visions

I got the Dutch Dragon seed as a freebie from winning newbie of the month. Man she grows crazy. I was not prepared at all for her growth. From the get go she was promising. She ended up exploding on me during the stretch which is key to the growing this strain out successfully. I could have done better by stripping more fans and lower sites. She is way too compact to keep fans in the middle areas of the plant. This strain however does react to nutes well. Nute burn was a thing of the last. This strain takes an extremely long time mature to max potency with some amber. Even after letting her flower for close to 12 weeks, she could have went easily 14 to 15. That's a shit ton of weight and ripening there. Sativa is super heavy in this strain. Smoke isnt my favorite. It is super smooth and tickles my throat hardcore. She tastes like sweetness with some piney to it and fruit. Sweet is the most prominent. The stench reeks of sweet cheese fruit in the jar I absolutely love it. Smoke gives a decent body buzz with a nice head high. It really makes you smile and it keeps you in a good headspace without fear of depression. I'll grow the other 2 seeds to their full potential with better veg time and stripping. 8/10. Great overall genetic. Just not something I'd prefer to smoke on the reg. I'm more of an indica guy or mid sativa mix :dash:

Smoke review

JinksyGrows week 16

I'm behind on everyone's updates! Dude, right on:+1: Congrats on the Dutchy and happy smoke man. Hope to see the same bud in a 8 weeks from now. Fingers crossed!


@Jinks101, letting the buds cure a good month. Tested some very sweet and smooth. Fruity taste indeed