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indoorontario Apprentice
Magic Melon Autoflower
Growing it
Truly disappointed, I was really having some fun with this diary. My first legal market seed and it proves to be shit genetics. I had much higher hopes for humboldt seed company as I've seen some pretty nice genetics from them. However in the video they produced for this strain he says they got into autoflowers reluctantly. Unfortunately it shows. Almost 12 weeks old and no where near finished, already suffering from wpm( not even September yet) and the buds are not buds at all, just weird foxtaily, mutant looking things. It had great vigor and it did autoflower which is really its only saving grace in my opinion.

I'm now stuck with a bunch of very expensive seeds that I will NOT be wasting my valuable tent space on over the winter months.
4 months ago
indoorontario Apprentice
Double Grape
Growing it
Two out of three turned out fantastic. Unfortunately the one plant was just a flop. Perhaps grower error (over fertilization/lockout) or perhaps genetic. Not really sure what happened but the buds are very leafy and it has only half the trichome density of the other two.

So more about the good ones.

Excellent trichome coverage. As good as some of the frostiest photoperiod strains I've grown.

Pungent terps. One smells like funky over ripe sweet berries. The other smells like tart sour berries with a sharp pine in the back. The third one though has weak (thankfully) aroma that smells like when your spouse comes home from the gym and her fruity pit stick has started wearing off:unamused: not terrible. Just not pleasant either.

Best bud density for an auto I've ever grown. The two good ones had similar density though they had different size/amount of sugar leaves.
Strong effects. I've tried both of the good ones now and they have the same heavy handed indica effects. Easily on par with photoperiod varieties. Just a few puffs and you melt into whatever you happen to be sitting on.

The only reason it lost a star on the rating was that one plant that failed and only because I don't know if it was a genetic thing that failed.
8 months ago
indoorontario Apprentice
Growing it
This plants best feature is probably its resilience. This plant was a clone of a clone of a clone, flowered, harvested, revegged and became a mother plant herself for a couple of years before being replaced by a further clone that was to become a mother. This was one lucky draw bag seed a friend of mine found and he had run out of room so I offered to flower this mother out. I'm going to guess it is a straight up skunk #1. It just smells like skunk and that's pretty much it. Very mild sweetness and just a touch floral. The bud structure reminds me of the cheese I grew which Is presumed to be a pheno of skunk. It produced well with the low light levels and the top buds have a decent density. The smell during grow didnt really increase until the last couple of weeks and even then was not that strong. Now that its cured the smell is still not the strongest but it is still strong enough to make my wife complain when I open the jars.

This plant is definately sativa leaning in the high as well as what was indicated by the shape of the buds and leaves. The taste reminds me a lot of the dutch dragon I grew but a little less intense, and also less piney. The buds structure was different from that one though, and look more spear shaped and less dense. Just one of those plants you'll never know the real lineage of. Just enjoy it because you may never experience this flower again.
11 months ago

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